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DigitalMaas Platform Improvements

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DigitalMaas Platform Improvements

With our development team working so hard to improve the platform, we’ve made a lot of improvement in the DigitalMaas platform in 2019. So we look back on a productive year for DigitalMaas, and we invite you to look at the new features we have worked on and the major updates we have added to the platform. And we hope that with these updates, we’ll make your 2020 and DigitalMaas journey a pleasant and inspiring one.  

First Quarter (2019)

We want your platform experience to be a breeze – so you can now view Websites, Locations, Connections, Users, Clients, Agents and Agencies under your account with ease. All these options are now available under the Admin section on the left side of the platform.

DigitalMaas Platform Admin-Locations

We are continuously improving the features of our Locations section. In March, we added the ‘All Locations’ drop-down button. This is convenient for those users with multiple locations, as not only will you be able to get an overview of each of your locations, you will also see a “roll-up” dashboard that shows the performance of all your locations in 1 go.

DigitalMaas Platform-Your Cart Checkout

Another feature we added under Checkout is an order confirmation with the cart package details. Get an order summary once you’ve checked out.

And going back to the Admin section, we went ahead and upgraded it by adding an ‘Add Entity’ button on every option under it. So aside from being able to view the website, connection, user, client, agency and agent, you are now able to add them as well without going to a different page.

DigitalMaas Platform: Admin Add Website

As you know, the platform is a work in progress, and we are constantly updating it. In cases that the platform is unable to display any data, website data sync statuses will now appear. The feature will also direct you on how you can fix the error.

DigitalMaas Platform-Integrations

We have added another awesome update for Locations – you can now view GMB Photos and Posts! Checking all your uploaded photos and posts from Google My Business should be effortless, so we applied infinite scrolling for a better experience.

DigitalMaas Platform-Locations Media

DIY users rejoice! We made synching your data to/from Google My Business simpler with just a click of a button under the Locations section. Updating your business details on your GMB listing is now as easy as pie.

DigitalMaas Platform-Locations Info

Monitoring your fulfilment tasks can now be accomplished since we have added new sections under Tasks. You currently have three categories to choose from:

 All Tasks: A view of fulfilment task statuses for all websites and locations

Website Tasks: A view of fulfilment task statuses for every website

Enabled Website selector to multiple websites

Location Tasks: A view of fulfilment task statuses for every location

Enabled Location selector to multiple locations

DigitalMaas Platform-Campaign Tasks

Third Quarter (2019)

Choosing from our packages has been made easier. We’ve categorised the packages under the Offers section into three:

DigitalMaas Platform-Packages

    • Intro packs
    • SEO packs
    • SEM packs

We have also divided the categories under Audits into two:

DigitalMaas Platform-Listings

    • Website Audits – See how your websites score on crucial ranking factors.
    • Listings Audits – Check how your location listings score on important ranking factors.

The Audit reports were enhanced and now use descriptive fields so you can make sense of what’s inside the report. We want you to become versed with the data and how each factor impacts your digital performance.

We are sure signing up is now more convenient since you only need to provide your business name upon onboarding. Compared to the previous version of the platform, you would need to provide a URL and wait for the site audit to finish.

Fourth Quarter (2019)

DigitalMaas Platform-Paid Metrics

We’ve re-introduced Paid metrics under the Website section. View your campaign’s key metrics such as total sessions, number of new users, bounce rate, goal conversion and more.

DigitalMaas Platform-Google Ads

We have removed the Google Ads section under Website and gave it a whole new section under the Main Menu. Learn how your ads are performing and get an insight into how your ads can be more successful.

There are new features to watch out for this 2020 including some new Google Ads features currently on beta stages that we are expecting to fully launch in the next few months. Users can now see detailed results of your Campaign and Ad Groups that you can navigate easily if you are managing multiple ads for your website. 

Not so long ago, we have partnered with Hubspot, a leading growth platform. And we’ve integrated the live chat feature on the platform to use Hubspot. Now getting in touch with one of our specialists is a click away.

DigitalMaas Platform-Chat Box

We made sure that the Locations section was filled with useful features that will bring convenience to you when you manage your listings. Our listings scan is now powered and enhanced by Yext, a leading location management platform. What this means is that you’ll experience faster information integration and enhanced listings.

A new Beta feature we added in Locations in the Listings. You can now check all the other existing listings for your campaign. View your average rating, the total number of reviews received for listings like Yelp, Facebook, Bing and more.

DigitalMaas Platform-Reply to Reviews

And to wrap up our upgrades this year, get an insight on the reviews your listing has received. We’ve added a cool feature in there as well, click on the Reviews filter in Locations and check out all the reviews waiting for your response. 

And there you have it! That is all the platform updates from last year.  Let us know how you like the updates; we can’t wait to get your feedback on the features we have rolled out. And we are thrilled to develop and better your DigitalMaas experience continuously this 2020. Reach out to us if you have any comments or suggestions.

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