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Our main goal at DigitalMaas is to help you improve your online presence and grow your business with digital marketing. To simplify this, we created our Four Pillars to align with your business objectives for your website. Be Found, Brand Position, Customer Appeal and Easy Choice.

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Every Pillar consists of innovative and data-driven strategies designed to unlock the best opportunities for your business. From strengthening your online presence to maximising your sales, we keep your marketing efforts on the right track so you can stay competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape.


We’ve identified these as the minimum requirements if you’re a business with a website. These are vital for the success of your website, so if you’re looking for somewhere to start making improvements, we recommend investing in our ESSENTIALS.

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Google Analytics

If you’re a business owner with a website or a blog, there are bound to be a few performance questions you have about your site. Perhaps you want to know how many people visit the site, where does your traffic mostly come from, and are they searching on mobile devices or desktops, to name a few.

Without an analytics account, you can speculate as much as you want, but you’ll never really know the real answers. And without the right information, you’re basing your marketing decisions on gut feel which is hit and miss at best.

Google Analytics is regarded as the bare minimum for analytics reporting as Google still has the lion’s share of search volume around the world, and it’s what we use as the starting point for acquiring performance metrics that we display on our platform. As part of our service, we’ll setup a Google Analytics account if you don’t already have one, or if you do have one then we’ll optimise it to comply with best practice.

When you run a site audit, we use technology to check the code of your website for the Google Analytics tag to see if it's installed. If we detect it, we compare the setup to best practice and make suggestions to optimise your account if you need it. If we don’t detect Google Analytics, we’ll create an account for you that needs to be installed onto your website. We’ll also setup the sync to get your data and populate the graphs in the metrics section of the platform.

Once Google Analytics is created and optimised, and the data sync is complete, you’ll have full visibility of your website’s key metrics. An optimised account will give you all the data you need to make informed decisions about your website’s content and performance and will help you identify which strategies are working and which ones need improvement. Here are some of the things that we find analytics metrics help our customers with:

  • Identify your target audience and segment your visitors

    You think you know your audience, but do you really? Get the right insights to identify and segment your customers/visitors so you can target them more effectively.

  • Allocate budget wisely

    When you have a wealth of data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about your budget and maximise your return on investment.

  • Time to go mobile?

    See how many people interact with your site on a mobile device. It might be worth considering a mobile site, or simply mobile optimise your current site.

  • Performing content is king

    Content might be king, but only if it’s performing. See where people entered and exited your site and try to limit unconverted visits. Use Google Analytics to see if you’re wasting your time or if generating content is good for your audience.

  • Conversions matter

    Use all the data Google Analytics provides to streamline the conversion funnel for your customers and would-be customers. Setup goals and events to see how many conversions you’re getting.

  • Know your traffic sources

    View acquisition data to see what drove your customers to your site. Was is paid or organic, social media or shared link?

When you analyse all this data you'll know what's working for you, and you can turn your subjective views into objective business decisions investing in optimising your marketing campaigns. And whether you have Google Analytics installed or not, we can optimise your account to help you get the best out of your site.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that simplifies the way you add marketing tags to your website. It’s the backend or user interface for your deploying tags, and have excellent functionality for user management like providing templates, triggers, conversion tracking, version control and variables.

But what is a tag? A tag is a coded snippet that speaks to another platform, and tags on your website help you measure traffic and optimise campaigns. The most commonly used tags for marketing purposes are things like Facebook retargeting, Google analytics, Google Adwords to name a few.

Adding a tag can be difficult in that you need to be able to write the code and know how to install that code snippet into the code of your website. Google Tag Manager is a user-friendly way of adding tags, so the power to install tags is given back to marketing managers, business owners and anyone else who is not all that technically savvy. The result of this is a lot of time saved to deploy tags and get data.

If you have Google Tag Manager installed, we can optimise it for you. If you don’t have Google Tag Manager, we’ll install and optimise it for you. An optimised Google Search Console gives you access to the inner workings of your site so you can make drastic improvements like indexing every page, improving ranking criteria and knowing when something's not quite right.

What are the benefits of using tags and Google Tag Manager?

  • Easy to use

    You don’t have to be an IT guru to make Tag Manager work for you.

  • Simple and quick

    Tags are easy to implement and quick to start working.

  • Know your customer

    Track customer behaviour on your site in a lot of different ways.

  • Know your traffic sources

    With the right tags in place, you’ll soon find out your most profitable traffic sources.

  • Versatile triggers

    Get full control of how and when your tags will fire with a variety of triggers.

  • Works with custom tags

    Already have tags? Most custom tags can be integrated with Tag Manager.

  • Flexibility

    With endless tagging options, you’ll know your customers inside and out.

Google Tag Manager takes the pain out of tagging your website

Tag Manager is fully customisable and easy to use, so you choose how to track your customers’ behaviour without having to work out the technology behind it.

Customise the data you collect with the right tags

  • Dependable data

    Tags are quick to load and it’s easy to find and correct errors so you can rely on the data you’re collecting.

  • Marketing flexibility

    Tag Manager is as agile as your marketing imagination so you can implement them quickly and get them firing in no time.

  • The right tags mean a faster site

    Your customers never have to experience a slow-loading site because there is no more bulky coding with Tag Manager.

  • Don’t worry about the technology

    Forget about marketing technology and focus on what’s important - your marketing ideas.

  • Site tag overview

    It’s easy to see what tags you have in place and how they’re working so you can customise your campaigns.

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console gives you a great deal of information and insight about your website and the people who visit it, find and fix website errors and analyse performance.

For traffic reporting purposes, you can find out how many people are visiting, where they’re coming from and how they’re finding your site, are they on a mobile device or desktop, which of your pages are performing and are the most popular among other key statistics.

Other than traffic reports, Google Search Console shows you website errors to fix, let’s you submit a sitemap for the search engines to crawl and you can create a robots.txt file.

Google Search Console is a must for any business with a website, and we use information from it to populate the Platform with vital information.

If you don’t have Google Search Console, we'll create and optimise a Google Search Console for you. An optimised Google Search Console gives you access to the inner workings of your site so you can make drastic improvements like indexing every page, improving ranking criteria and knowing when something's not quite right.

What we’ll do:

  • Add and verify your site

    We’ll get your site verified by Google so you can use the Search console.

  • Submit a crawlable sitemap

    We’ll upload the correct sitemap so the search bots can crawl your site for better search results.

  • Robots.txt files

    You don’t necessarily want your whole website to be crawlable. We’ll implement the right robots.txt files to manage this for you so old pages or test pages aren’t crawlable.

  • Link Google Analytics

    We’ll link your Google Analytics account to your Google Search Console so you get all the information you need to get an even clearer picture on your site activity.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Keywords management

    This is where you can see what keywords are performing and who is searching for what terms related to your industry.

  • Make changes and index your site

    If you've made major changes to a website, the fastest way to get the updates indexed by Google is to submit it in the Search Console so they appear in search results.

  • Automated diagnostic notifications

    Sometimes things break. Get automated notifications that something’s wrong with your site before any customers can have a poor experience.

  • Search queries page

    Monitor the search queries page in Console to view click through rates, and use this data to improve conversion.

  • See your crawl stats

    See the number of pages crawled and the time spent downloading on your site. Inconsistencies could indicate poor performance.

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Phone Call and Enquiry Tracking

An important function of a website is to get customers to interact with it and provide details so you can engage with them. Ideally, they’ll make contact with you in some form or another on your website. But do you know if your website is actually generating these contacts and if so, how many and which are the best performing methods of contact?

Installing goal and event tracking means you can get vital information from your contact points. We’ll setup goal and event tracking in Google Analytics to measure completed actions or conversions on your website from the contact page, click to call phone numbers and form submissions.

Setting up phone call and enquiry tracking goals in Google Analytics lets you see how well your site is fulfilling your objectives by showing you when and where your customers are converting.

Keyword research and mapping

If you think about your website content, brand and products or services, there will be themes or topics around these that if you break them down to simple words and phrases, you end up with a list of keywords.

Keywords are also the search queries that people are typing into search engines. In terms of the themes mentioned above, you want your keywords to be relevant and match the keywords people are using to search for products or services similar to yours.

So, keywords are the link between you and your customers, which it’s so important to get them right and rank for as many as possible.

When you know what keywords you should be ranking for, it’s easy to create quality content around those keywords. It’s also really beneficial for paid campaigns as ads as you can create the best ad copy using those keywords.

We'll research the best keywords for you to create content for SEO purposes and to optimise your Adwords campaigns. You'll learn if your keywords are represented enough on your site and get suggestions how to attract more traffic.

With our recommendations, you can improve your website to rank better on search engine results pages, and you can optimise your paid advertising campaigns with keywords that your customers are using to search.

DigitalMaas Platform

The Platform is one of the best digital marketing investments you can make. Once it's synced with all your data sources, it provides a wholistic view of your marketing efforts and provides insights that will help you take the next steps to ensure your success.

The Platform allows you to Test, Fix and Measure.

Be Found

Anyone searching on the internet is a potential customer, but only if they can find you. Engage all the ranking factors so that you rank higher on search engine results pages, and you will BE FOUND.

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Google AdWords Campaign

Everyone wants to be number one, and in the world of search engines, being number one means appearing at the top of a search engine results page. The top few results for a search query on any results page are made up of paid advertising campaigns, or Google AdWords.

If you rank for the keywords that people are searching for, you will be top of page and therefore top of mind, and that means you stand a very good chance of being the first choice for customers.

This type of advertising is pay per click, but if you optimise your campaign, you can get the most out of a modest budget. Another benefit is that you get a lot of feedback about how successful the copy you’re using is so you can test what’s effective and use that to optimise things like meta descriptions for SEO purposes.

Our site audit tool will check to see if you have any Google Adwords campaigns running and if you would benefit from running a campaign. AdWords campaigns are an effective way to reach customers when they're looking for your products or services.

If you have AdWords running or if you have run them in the past, we can optimise the setting to get more out of your campaigns. If you have never used Google AdWords, we will create and optimise a campaign for you, and help you get the most out of your desired budget.

Running Google AdWords will get you instant traffic so we highly recommend this as a way to get beneficial results quickly. A targeted Adwords campaign will deliver you receptive customers who are looking for your product of service.

Google My Business

Google My Business is the local business directory that allows you to showcase your business online. With an optimised Google My Business listing, you can display accurate information about your business which is useful for your customers and has many benefits for you.

It’s essential for search engine optimisation and can improve your local ranking and how you appear online in search results. Your business will also appear on Google Maps, which is good for people searching for businesses in their proximity, and on Google Plus so you can interact with customers who leave reviews and comments. An optimised Google My Business listing complements your website and will generate more traffic to it by attracting new customers.

What can be displayed on a Google My Business listing?

  • business description

  • link to your website

  • address and map listing

  • directions to your business

  • customer reviews

  • customer ratings

  • trading hours

  • telephone numbers with click to call functionality

  • pictures of your business or products

  • a virtual tour

  • business category

How can DigitalMaas improve your Google My Business listing?

If you don’t have a Google My Business listing, we have a setup and optimisation package that will create your optimised Google My Business listing in line with best practice. We’ll claim your listing and make sure that all the necessary information is present so that your business is displayed in the best possible light to attract new customers.

If you currently have a Google My Business listing, but the information is out-of-date or incomplete, our optimisation package will fill in all the blanks and optimise your information so that your Google My Business listing out-ranks your competition on search engine results pages.

What will a fully optimised Google My Business listing do for you?

Having a fully optimised Google My Business listing is a must for any local bricks and mortar business that wants to Be Found online, appearing in front of potential customers and influencing their actions with the correct information. You should see increased site traffic, appear as a s business receive more phone calls from prospective customers, see improved local ranking on search engine results pages, and it will positively influence customer behaviour while building a strong brand position. It will also set you apart from your competition as an optimised listing is far more attractive and is more likely to appear in search results.

Local Citations

A citation is any mention of your site or business name on the internet, and is a key component for the ranking algorithm. Citations serve to positively impact your search engine optimisation and organic rankings because the search engine looks at these citations to understand more about your business and if it should display your site as a result to the search query. Often there will be a link to your site in a citation and these backlinks have a positive impact on your rankings. Citations also serve to increase the reach of your brand as each site or directory that you appear on will have its own audience that you can tap into.

Citations have a positive impact on SEO, so the more citations you have, the more your ranking should improve on search engine results pages. Ideally you want citations on some well-established and well-indexed sites as these listings will increase the degree of certainty for crawlers, confirming that your business is legitimate and you are who you say you are.

Not only are citations good for rankings, but they can drive business when you feature in industry specific directories. They can validate your business as part of a community and create social proof that you are an authentic business, which creates customer appeal and makes you an easy choice for new customers.

What can DigitalMaas do for your Local Citations?

  • We’ll choose the right categories for your business, optimising any existing listings and create appropriate new ones.

  • When you’re featured in the right directories, you’ll appear where your potential customers are looking for credible businesses.

  • We leverage your location to make sure you’re listed in the right local directories and improve your local ranking.

  • Niche or general or both? We’ll get the right blend for you.

  • It’s possible to feature in the wrong places, so we’ll make sure your citations only appear where they will benefit your business.

  • We’ll improve your rankings and help you move up the search results pages.

On-Page Ranking Factors

There are two ways to influence search engine optimisation – on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation.

On-page optimisation requires deliberate fixes to the code and content of a page. There is a generally accepted best practice to follow for this so you can directly influence on-page SEO. Because you have control over on-page, it’s essential to apply this when creating new pages, or retrospectively going back and making these improvements to current pages if you want your site to rank higher in search engine results pages.

Considering that over 90% of web traffic comes from the first page of search engine results, why wouldn’t you implement something you have full control over to improve your ranking? Capitalise on this traffic by ranking in the top 10 results with optimised pages that will rank higher on search engine results pages.

We can help you improve the following:

Header and title tags
It’s important to have unique title tags and a clear hierarchy of header tag with at least - and only - one H1 tag.

Internal linking
Links to other relevant parts of your site will positively impact SEO and help your pages rank higher in search engine results pages.

Duplicate content
Having duplicate content can confuse search engines and will negatively impact SEO. We check to make sure all your content is unique.

Meta descriptions
A meta description is the short description of the page that appears on search engine results pages. The jury is out on whether meta descriptions directly impact SEO rankings, but if you have all the other on-page optimisation factors taken care of then a unique and well-written meta description will encourage people to click on your link.

For a little bit of effort, you can really maximise your page rankings. We optimise pages to best practice standards so you’re more likely to be found online and get more traffic.

What is Schema?

The objective of any search engine is to serve up results that are relevant to the people typing in the search query. One easy way to show the search engines that you have relevant content is to use Schema.

Schema (officially known as is the result of an initiative launched by Google, Bing and Yahoo in 2011. As the operators of the most popular search engines that people use, they decided to create and support a common set of schemas for structured data markup on web pages.

What does that actually mean? Well in the words of our founder, Andrew Thorn, “Schema is the language of the search engines”… which loosely means if you add Schema code to your website, you can speak directly to search engines and positively influence the results by telling them what your site is about.

Schema is structured data that acts a bit like a barcode that the search engines can scan to know exactly what they’re looking at. This is much easier than crawling your whole site, so they are more likely to serve up your result because you did a lot of the hard work for them.

But using the right Schema doesn’t only tell the search engines what’s on your site, it also makes your site look way more appealing to potential customers on the search engine results page.

If you do a quick search for anything, you’ll see that not all search results look the same. With Schema, you can influence what information is displayed on your search results, like your contact details, important pages on your website, or even ratings and reviews, and you can use rich snippets that are far more attractive than the basic results.

The list of Schema is extensive, so every business or website or product can find the right combination of Schema to influence the search results. And the great thing is that it’s one of the most powerful ranking elements but also underutilised so if you’re using it, the chances are you’ll get the jump on your competition and rank higher up.

What can DigitalMaas do for your Schema and your business?

  • We’ll determine what is the best Schema to use for your business in your industry

  • We’ll install the Schema code on your website

  • We’ll optimise your Schema that will improve your website ranking

  • We’ll make your site more desirable for customer by improving the look of your search results.

Facebook Advertising Campaign

With nearly 2 billion active users on Facebook every month, and the amount of personal and demographic information that is shared on the platform, advertising on Facebook can be highly targeted and with a tremendous reach.

Knowing this, we strongly recommend advertising on Facebook is you want immediate engagement and site traffic. Our site audit test checks to see if you’ve installed the pixel that allows you to advertise on Facebook. With this information, we know that you’ve either used the platform for advertising or not.

If you haven’t used Facebook to advertise, we’ll install the pixel, setup a campaign and the billing account for you. Taking your requirements into consideration and based on your desired budget, we’ll determine the campaign type, your target demographic and keywords, and what frequency you need.

This could prove to be a very lucrative advertising avenue for you because we’ll target a specific audience that’s already looking for your product or service, so you’ll have customers finding you online. The impressions you get will also help your brand position. Another benefit is that the cost per click is generally lower than search engine advertising so your budget will stretch a lot further than just using traditional search and display advertising.

Display Advertising Campaign

There are two ways to get traffic to your website. You can optimise your website to get free or organic traffic, and you can employ paid advertising campaigns. Paid campaigns can appear in many different formats and on several different platforms, but one of the more popular options is display advertising campaigns.

While you might not be keen to pay for site traffic, but the benefits of a paid display are often worth it. Because you can define your target audience, your advertising campaign will appear in front of people who are searching for your keywords and they’re more likely to be receptive to your campaign because they’ll see it when they’re actually looking to convert. If you want new customers quickly, a display advertising campaign will reach new customers as soon as you launch the campaign.

When you run a site audit test, we check the Google Display Network to see if you have any Display Advertising Campaigns running and if they're optimised. Because this is a really effective way for customers to find you online and visit your site when they're ready to convert, we can definitely recommend trying a display advertising campaign to get more traffic to your site quickly.

When we assist you with a display advertising campaign, we take all the stress out of creating a display campaign for you, optimising the campaign, setting a budget and creating goals and events for it.

This is one of the quickest way to get more traffic to your site, try a display advertising campaign today.

Brand Position

Customers want to relate to brands that instil confidence with a consistent message. It’s easy to look average on the internet so you need a strong, consolidated BRAND POSITION to stand out from the competition.

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Social Media Accounts

For a while there, you could’ve gotten away with not having social media accounts for your business. Whether you chose not to have them because you didn’t quite get the whole social media thing, or you thought it was just going to be a passing phase, not investing in social media was what most businesses were doing.

But these days, not having a social media presence for your business is no longer an option. The impact to your business is just too great. Active social media accounts affect SEO and page ranking, customer engagement and brand image, and your paid media spend.

Customer engagement

Probably the most important aspect of any social media platform is that it’s a two-way street, which means your customers can have a say about your business and you can respond to them directly. When you listen to your customers, it’s easier to give them what they’re looking for which, and this will lead to higher conversions.

When you interact with your customers on these platforms, you gain valuable insights into their behaviour and understand what your they want and what their expectations are. If you’re proactive, you can provide a richer customer experience and offer better customer service. This is good for your brand if you can respond to problems immediately and increases customer satisfaction. When you build these customer relationships, you’ll see positive feedback and that will appeal to a wider audience.

SEO and Ranking

The more active social media accounts you have, the more likely you are to be found online. This also adds credibility to your brand and provides backlinks to your main site which is good for SEO. You’ll see improved page rankings which leads to more site traffic.

Because your customers are all almost certainly on social media, you can easily boost your brand awareness and company exposure by being present and active. And if you listen to your them, you’ll gain valuable customer insights to provide a better customer experience.

Media spend

Advertising on social media platforms is currently a lot more cost effective than search engines. The cost per click is lower, and you have the benefit of being able customise the target audience so that you get the exact customer segments you need. For example, you might be looking for customers who are women aged 23-34, live in Santiago and like the Jane Fonda fan page with interests in interior decorating and vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles. You can customise for that!

When you create such specific targets, you’re likely to convert more as the audience already has something in common with your offering, so your inbound leads with be more profitable.

How can DigitalMaas help your Social Media accounts?

When you perform a free site audit, we check for social media accounts. If we can’t detect any, we’ll create and optimise accounts on the platforms that will benefit your business the most.

If you already have the right social media accounts, we also offer the creation of a Facebook advertising campaigns.

Display Ad Remarketing Campaign

Have you ever felt like you’re being stalked around the internet by a product or company that you searched for, visited their site, but didn’t make a purchase? You then see their advertising on just about every site you visit for the next few days making you seriously go back and make the purchase.

That’s a display ad remarketing campaign. You can add code that tags the customer if they visit but don’t convert and then your ad campaign can follow their browsing habits around and pop up wherever the next suitable place is to make an impression. The major benefit of this is that you can reengage a customer that make it all the way to your site but didn’t convert. This keeps you top of mind and gets customers back into your sales funnel when done successfully.

When you use our site audit tool, it uses technology to check the internet for any display ads and opportunities where remarketing campaigns would be beneficial to you and your brand.

If you require the creation and optimisation of a display remarketing campaign, we’ll research the best keywords and optimise a remarketing campaign within your budget. This improvement requires a display campaign to be running in order to provide you any benefit, which we can help you with as well.

When you have remarketing tags in place, your ads will reach the right people who are on the verge of converting and just need a little extra push to get into the sales funnel.

Positive Reviews and High Ratings

One of the best things for your brand is to have positive reviews and ratings that future customers can see and engage with. Reviews and ratings are good for your brand and act as social proof that what you are selling is meeting the needs of others, and will therefore meet new customers’ needs too.

Knowing how to get reviews and ratings is a bit of an art, but once you have worked it out, the benefits will help you be found online as ratings and reviews positively impact SEO, and also position your brand in such a way that it becomes the easy choice because these days, people put their trust in independent third parties who have used the particular product or service they’re looking to invest in.

For example, if you want to go out for breakfast on a Saturday morning and you do a quick search to see what’s near you and good, chances are you’ll disregard any establishment that doesn’t have and ratings or reviews, and then compare the places that do have reviews, finally deciding on the restaurant where people have been more positive about the food and given better ratings. It’s human nature to want the best and not to waste your hard-earned money on an inferior product.

When you run your site through our audit tool, we’ll scrape the internet for reviews and ratings linked to your business and determine the quality of them. Ideally, you’ll only have positive reviews, but if you have negative reviews then you can still make the best of this situation by responding to the bad review.

We’ll also suggest ways of acquiring new ratings and reviews that will further position your brand better and boost your organic ranking.

Customer Appeal

Customers will only convert if you appeal to them. Present relevant, engaging content that makes the experience easy. Ooze CUSTOMER APPEAL to remove the purchase anxiety so they’re more likely to invest in you.

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Quality Content for SEO Ranking

Content is king when it’s relevant and serves the needs of the people searching for it. Having good content can keep people on your site which can lead to conversions, and good content is more likely to get shared which will bring you more traffic and get you more backlinks that are good for SEO.

These days, the expectation is to have engaging content with images, videos and other interactive media, but also to have a substantial amount of words on the page. At the moment, research suggestions that the optimal amount of copy to have on your pages is around 1,200 words. This can be difficult to achieve, so you don’t need to have all you pages this full of rich content, but you do need a few that will attract new visitors and improve your site SEO.

Our site audit tool will analyse your site for pages that contain long form rich content. If you’re a bit light on content, we’ll determine where you need to create more content, and make recommendations about topics you might consider creating content for that will appeal to your desired audience.

When you generate substantial content that is engaging, the results will be that search engines determine your site to be an authoritative destination that answers search queries for people using the search engine, and that will improve your SEO.

Social Sharing Functionality

If you’re selling a product or service, or if you have some great content on your website, you definitely want the people that come to your site to share with their friends and followers. This spreads the word about your business (free advertising!) and helps get your site ranking organically on search engine results pages because social sharing is an important ranking factor.

Because internet users can be fickle and lose interest quickly, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to share your content. That’s where social sharing buttons come in. Having the right buttons in the right place can really improve the share rate of your content.

When we test for your social sharing activity, we detect if you have social sharing buttons and look back over 12 months to see if anyone has shared your content. We’ll consult with you to decide what pages you need the buttons and install them in the most visible place on the page to make it easy for visitors to share your content.

The Benefits

Social signals
People sharing your content sends signals to search engines that your content is relevant and popular, which improves your ranking.

Increase brand exposure
When someone else shares your content, it reaches an entirely new audience who will be introduced to your brand.

You’ll get more traffic
Once your content has been shared amongst a wider network, you’ll get more traffic to your site that you should aim to convert into your own customers.

It’s free advertising
Having social share buttons allows other people to spread the word about your business, so it's essentially free word of mouth advertising for you.

You get more natural links which is good for SEO
The more people that share your content, the more natural backlinks you get to your site which is an important ranking factor and good for SEO.

Website Mobile Responsiveness

With over 50% of internet searches taking place on mobile devices, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a mobile optimised website. Not only do internet users have no patience for awkward interactions manually resizing websites to “work” on a small screen, but the major search engines like Google will rank websites that are mobile friendly higher that those that are not, simply because it’s more appealing to the customers when you have made the effort to appeal to them on the devices they actually use.

To determine the mobile friendliness of your site, our site audit uses a tool that rates the mobile friendliness of your website to determine if it's optimised for mobile and if it offer users a better browsing experience.

We'll give you some ideas how you can make your website more appealing on a mobile device and make it mobile friendly. This will help you avoid losing customers and increasing engagement on the devices they’re actually using to search the internet.

Call and Live Chat Tracking

If you rely on customers phoning in to engage with your business, it’s vital to have call tracking installed. This also applies to Live Chat if you have that. You can learn a lot about where customers are engaging with your contact details on your site and where they’re coming from when you have call tracking installed.

The easiest way to find out if you have call tracking enabled is to run a free site audit and we’ll check to see if you have tracking enabled for your phone calls and live chat.

If you need help setting this up, we'll install call tracking tags and live chat tags (if applicable) so you can see your metrics in the Platform. With tags installed, you can see how many people are calling you and which phone numbers are converting. You can use this information to optimise Adwords campaigns, meta descriptions etc.

Optimise heading and title tags

One of the most significant ranking factors for any page is the title tag and the heading tag hierarchy. Every page on your website should have a unique title tag and at the very least, one heading (H1) tag, followed by secondary sub-headings (H2-6) if necessary.

The title tag is the title that you see displayed on search engine results pages as a link to a page, in the web browser tab so you can keep track of what pages you have open and what is displayed on social networks when that page is shared socially.

The heading for a page that tells the reader what the page is about will have a heading tag in the code. The main heading will have an H1 tag and every sub heading thereafter will have H2-H6 tags to show their importance. Each page should have at least one H1 tag, but only one because duplicate H1 tags will negatively impact page ranking.

Heading and title tags are also good for the people searching for the information as it explains what is on the page and organises the information into easy-to-consume sections. This is a principle you can apply to every aspect of your site – if it’s good for the customer, it’s good for the search engines, and that’s good SEO.

You could manually check if each page is optimised for heading and title tags, if there are any missing tags or if there are duplicate tags, and if the tags are either too long or too short. Or you can get technology to do the work for you giving you a list of elements to fix.

Our site audit checks your site to see that all your headings and titles are in top working order, and provides insight into how to fix the elements that aren’t optimised. When you have all your unique heading and title tags optimised, your pages will naturally rank higher in search engine results pages and your customers will find it much easier to find the information they’re looking for which boosts your customer appeal.

Secure Pages on Your Website

In the past few years, several huge global organisations have had security and privacy breaches that affected millions of customers. As a result, people don’t want to provide personal details or use online payment systems because they’re concern their information will be “hacked” and they’ll be part of a scam.

One way to show that you acknowledge that concern is make sure your site is using secure pages. A quick test of your website using our audit tool will check the security of your site to see if it has secure pages.

As visitors are more likely to submit information to secure sites, if you don’t have secure pages, we can acquire and activate your security certificates, and update the settings so your site has HTTPS enabled. Customers feel more comfortable on sites that have security enabled. Knowing their information and details are secure adds to customer appeal.

Giving your customer peace of mind about the security of your site will increase the chances of them giving you information so you can retain them as customers.

Easy Choice

Internet users have a low tolerance for awkward web experiences so give them an easy experience with all the relevant information in the right place. Provide the path of least resistance to become the EASY CHOICE.

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Website Load Speed

Scientists have recently discovered that humans officially have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

We’ll keep this short so we don’t lose you - website load speed is important and has a massive effect on consumer behaviour and your conversion rate.

Internet users don’t have patience and expect instant gratification. With over a billion websites out there, they’ll happily exit yours to go somewhere else if they encounter any hurdle preventing them getting where they want to go quickly. Page load time is one of these hurdles and one of the main reasons people bounce off sites.

When you take our site audit, we use a tool to check all the factors that impact a web page's loading speed to determine if yours is loading in a reasonable time frame. If it’s not, we’ll make suggestions how you can change that so your website will load faster and your visitors won’t have time to leave before they’ve actually seen your site.

Remember, the quicker your site loads, the quicker your visitors get to the good stuff and into the purchase funnel.

Take the free site test now to check your website load speed.

PS Congratulations if you got this far, you have a better attention span than a goldfish.

Optimised Social Post Structure

Ok, so this is a bit technical and nerdy, but it’s a game changer if you’re creating awesome content that people like to share.

Have you ever noticed when you share a link on social media the way the post looks can vary from perfect and engaging, to a bit Frankensteiny? Like when the thumbnail is totally random and disconnected, or the header is some garbled string of unrelated words?

There’s a way to control that, and you can by harnessing the power of Open Graph Tags and Twitter Cards. It’s basically installing code onto your website that determines, and optimises, things like what image, header and description that will be displayed on social media when a link is shared.

This is more of an indirect SEO ranking factor, but it does directly help you be found by wider audiences and makes engaging with you the easy choice when people share your content. Maybe this scenario will make a bit more sense: Someone really enjoys something they found on your website. They enjoyed it so much they thought they’d share it. You’ve cleverly had social share buttons installed so it was easy for them to spread the love with a single click. Now your content is sitting on their social media platform as a post. If you’ve got your open graph tags in order, you can make sure that their post (remember it’s your content) looks as appealing as possible with an optimised image and header and description so that their audience of friends and followers won’t be able to resist opening the link to your content.

Bottom line is if someone is prepared to share your content, you need to be prepared to take full advantage of that. You’ve indirectly increased the chances of someone clicking on a link to your content which is good for SEO as that’s a backlink right there, and backlinks are a good thing. Think of it as improving your content’s “share performance”.

With our site audit, we check for structured tags that allow you to optimise content for sharing on social media. If you don’t have open graph tags or Twitter cards in place, we'll add structured mark up to your pages so that when they're shared, you can control what text and images are displayed. Having this installed will increase the performance of your social shares and drive engagement and traffic from new audiences.

Click-to-call Phone Numbers

Here’s something you’ve probably never thought of when it comes to the design of your website – clickable phone numbers that connect a call automatically. That means you don’t have to copy and paste, or write down the number then go out of the browser to your call functionality before you can connect with them, you simply click the number and it makes the call.

Another major benefit is that you can implement call tracking so you get information and metrics about which phone numbers are getting the most engagement. This is good for optimising your ad campaigns and your website to increase conversions.

While it’s probably something you haven’t considered before, because the functionality exists, people expect you to have it, and you are losing out on all that valuable information about your customers at the same time.

When you have clickable phone numbers, it’s much easier for users to connect with, and you can track call activity. The click to call links remove any extra hurdles that might turn your customers away and not call you. You should see an increase in phone calls coming from your website traffic and get useful metrics on your platform.

When you run a free site audit, we’ll check all the phone numbers on your website to see if they have the correct click to call code installed. Clickable phone numbers make it easy for customers to contact you and you can track this metric.

If we detect that the contact phone numbers on your website aren’t optimised with click to call code. We'll add click to call code to all the phone numbers on your site so it’s easier for mobile users to call you and you can track these events.

Check out all your phone numbers to make sure they’re click to call with our site audit.

Video Content

Video content is an easy way to connect with customers. These days it’s more than just cute cat videos, it’s how-to or product information or other sorts of video that encourages a customer to engage. Having optimised video also increases your ranking on search engine results pages so you’re more likely to appear in front of your customers and the video is more likely to engage them.

Of course, like anything in digital marketing, just having it isn’t always enough. If you have video embedded in your site, we can help you optimise the channel for increased exposure with our video channel optimisation product.