Click-to-Call Functionality

A quick way to connect with customers

Here’s something you’ve probably never thought of when it comes to your website design – clickable phone numbers that connect a call automatically. It’s more convenient than email, and it increases the chance to engage with hot leads and turn them into a customer.

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Easy to Install

Click-to-call phone numbers can be installed in just about anywhere, including emails, web pages, and online ads.

Gain Sales Opportunities

Prospects who call your business are more likely to convert because they’ve already shown interest in your brand.

Customer Retention

Earn the loyalty of customers by delivering excellent support. Provide immediate answers with click-to-call buttons.

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Communication is Key

The sooner the better

Click-to-call functionality makes it easy for customers to contact your business. It removes extra hurdles that might turn them away since it’s available anytime and anywhere. It also gives you the opportunity to guide them through every step of their journey and influence their buying decision.

  • Boost your lead generation and conversion rate
  • Dial international calls without the hassle
  • Reveal which ads and web pages generate the most enquiries and sales

Our Approach

Achieve seamless communication

DigitalMaas can add click-to-call buttons to your website so you can maximise the efficiency of your marketing strategies. This way, you won’t miss out on prospects, back up your efforts with accurate data, and keep your customers coming back.

  • Track your calls and derive meaningful analytics from your callers
  • Streamline your customer support
  • Bolster your digital marketing strategy

Click-to-Call Functionality Frequently Asked Questions

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