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Conversion Tracking

Keep an eye on your calls and enquiries

Google Analytics comes with conversion tracking to see which of your marketing efforts are effective. This is especially important when you rely on these channels to get leads and customers.

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Effective Marketing

Check if any of your campaigns are performing well to avoid missing out on leads. Learn what factors on your website affect the conversion rate.

Measure Your ROI

Conversion tracking fills the gap of your lead generation. Knowing where your conversions are coming from gives you a clearer picture of your ROI.

Refine Your Content

Determine which keywords worked for your landing pages and resulted in conversions. Use them to optimise your content.

Set Up Goals and Events

See what's attracting your customers

Obtain key data from your contact points by monitoring your phone calls and enquiry forms with goals and events in Google Analytics. See how well your site is fulfilling your objectives by learning when and where your customers are converting.

  • check Measure the impact of your efforts on lead generation and sales
  • check Find out which ads, pages, and keywords are driving enquiries
  • check Determine how to connect with your core audience

Our Approach

Let us gauge your conversions

DigitalMaas will set this up in Google Analytics to measure completed actions or conversions on your website from the contact page, click-to-call phone numbers, and form submissions.

  • check Get important metrics around your customer’s behaviour
  • check Identify areas that need improvement
  • check Fine-tune your online and offline marketing strategies

Conversion Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

A conversion takes place when a goal you’ve set for your website is completed. Examples include making a purchase, filling out a contact form, and clicking on a particular page. Conversions help you determine if your website is effective enough to turn visitors into customers.

There are many reasons you should use this for your business. Maybe you’re serving multiple locations and want to create a geo-specific campaign, or you need to segment calls by medium to examine your marketing strategies. Taking advantage of conversion tracking for calls and enquiries lets you monitor the performance of your online and offline marketing and see the areas that require improvements.

Before anything else, a code is required to make your phone number and contact form a clickable action. Conversion tracking for calls and enquiries are then set up as events and goals in Google Analytics. An Event measures the number of phone calls and submissions you receive through clicks, while a Goal gauges how that Event is generating conversion.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have goals and events setup to monitor calls and enquiries, why not test your website using our audit tool to find out. You’ll also learn where else you can optimise your site.

Unlimited Websites

Get stronger results across the board with the unlimited addition of websites to our detailed analysing tool.

Unlimited Users

Get your whole team on board with monitoring, improving and optimising your brand with an unlimited amount of users.

Real-time Data

Improve productivity and success by eliminating the delay between data collection and analysis using real-time data.