Remarketing Campaign

Be on top of mind with remarketing ads

When people see something they like for the first time, they usually don’t make a purchase. But if you stay in front of them on just about every site they visit, you can reignite their interest and encourage them to buy your product or service. This powerful tactic is called remarketing, and every business should use it.

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Brand Authority

Connect with people who are interested in your product. The more a prospect is exposed to your brand, the more they’ll do business with you.

Low Cost Per Conversion

By targeting the same specific audience, you can make them come back to what they left. In turn, you cut your cost of running another ad from scratch.

Refine Your Message

When you analyse your remarketing lists, you can determine the right style, placement, and keywords for your display advertisements.

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Re-Engage Your Audience

Go beyond brand awareness

A remarketing campaign helps you re-engage a potential customer that visited your site but didn’t convert. Even if they’re not actively searching for your services, your ad can pop up on relevant websites they visit. By improving brand recall, you can eventually earn their trust and get them back into your sales funnel.

  • Pick which of your customers see your ads
  • Retarget buyers who have abandoned carts to complete their purchase
  • Spark interest with a discount, special offer, or last minute deal

Our Approach

Turn a casual visitor into a paying customer

DigitalMaas can optimise your remarketing ads within your budget by researching the best keywords and adding the necessary codes to your key pages. When you have remarketing tags in place, your ads will reach the right people who are on the verge of converting and just need a little extra push.

  • Check opportunities where remarketing ads would benefit you the most
  • Keep an eye on your competition
  • Serve personalised ads to each of your remarketing lists

Display Remarketing Frequently Asked Questions

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