Facebook Advertising

Put your brand in the spotlight

Want to reach more customers? A Facebook advertising campaign could be the right one for you. With nearly 2 billion active users on Facebook, and the amount of demographic information shared on the platform, you can achieve a tremendous reach for your business.

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Connect With Your Audience

Facebook’s ad targeting options are exceptional. You can focus on users based on interests, relationship status, education, workplace, and more.

Highly Customisable

Every element of a Facebook ad is customisable, from bidding to delivery optimisation, so you can develop the exact campaign you have in mind.

Brand Awareness

Most Facebook users browse through their news feed several times a day. With your ad's continued visibility, you can increase brand awareness and earn trust.

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Cost-Effective Advertising

Gain an edge over your competitors

Advertising through Facebook can be lucrative for your business because you can target a specific audience that’s already looking for your product or service. The cost per click is generally lower than search engine advertising, which means you can stretch your budget a lot further than just using other platforms.

  • Start with little effort and see fast results at a low cost
  • Get impressions to improve your brand position
  • Achieve immediate engagement and site traffic

Our Approach

Double your business growth with Facebook ads

If you haven’t used Facebook to advertise, DigitalMaas will install the pixel then set up a campaign and billing account for you. We’ll take your requirements and budget into consideration to increase your leads, sales, and revenue.

  • Choose the perfect campaign type, frequency, demographics, and keywords
  • Use real-time data to enhance your online and offline sales
  • Reach thousands of people right away and build a deeper connection

Facebook Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

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