Facebook Advertising

Put your brand in the spotlight

Want to reach more customers? A Facebook advertising campaign could be the right one for you. With nearly 2 billion active users on Facebook, and the amount of demographic information shared on the platform, you can achieve a tremendous reach for your business.

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Facebook Advertising

Cost-Effective Advertising

Gain an edge over your competitors

Advertising through Facebook can be lucrative for your business because you can target a specific audience that’s already looking for your product or service. The cost per click is generally lower than search engine advertising, which means you can stretch your budget a lot further than just using other platforms.

  • Start with little effort and see fast results at a low cost
  • Get impressions to improve your brand position
  • Achieve immediate engagement and site traffic

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Our Approach

Double your business growth with Facebook ads

If you haven’t used Facebook to advertise, DigitalMaas will install the pixel then set up a campaign and billing account for you. We’ll take your requirements and budget into consideration to increase your leads, sales, and revenue.

  • Choose the perfect campaign type, frequency, demographics, and keywords
  • Use real-time data to enhance your online and offline sales
  • Reach thousands of people right away and build a deeper connection

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Facebook Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of Facebook Advertising?

    Facebook is actually considered the most effective social media platform. It offers both B2C and B2B companies the greatest advertising opportunity since search.

    There’s always something new
    While Facebook advertising has been around for a long time, it’s never too late to give it a try. It often releases new and improved features and tools, so you can analyse your strategies better and keep up with the competition.

    Easy set-up process
    Unlike other platforms, Facebook allows you to advertise without the spending much effort and money. You can see results for a small cost, and even attract users to visit your website.

    Real-time advertising
    You can check your Facebook ads in real-time. This means you can tweak your campaign right away if you’re not satisfied with the initial outcome.

  • What are the different Facebook Advertising objectives?

    Before you create a Facebook advertising campaign, you should first consider your goals. Having a few goals before your ad goes live will help you gauge the efficiency of your campaigns. If you want to attract prospects to your new service, for instance, you can set a goal of getting 150 leads in the first few months.

    Fortunately, Facebook offers many advertising objectives that align with your business goals. Taking the right approach for your campaign is important as it will affect your ad delivery and bidding options in the long run. Here are the three main categories:

    • Awareness – Objectives that spark interest in your product or service.
    • Consideration – Objectives that leave a lasting impression on your audience and encourage them to learn more about your business.
    • Conversion – Objectives that convince your prospects to buy or use your product or service.
  • How does ad billing work on Facebook?

    First, you’ll decide the budget for every ad you launch, then Facebook will try to spend your budget evenly during the time your ads are running. You have total control over how much you spend, so rest assured that they won’t charge you more than your budget.

    There are two types of budgets you can set for your ads:

    • Daily budget – The average amount you’re willing to spend for your ad each day.
    • Lifetime budget – The amount you’re willing to spend over the entire duration of your ad.

    Facebook uses an auction system for pricing. In this approach, they base on bid and performance to select the which ads to run. When your ad goes live, they will only charge you for the number of impressions or clicks you gain.