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Search Console

Monitor & maintain your site's prescence

Google Search Console is an asset to your digital marketing efforts. It gives you detailed information and insights about your website and the people who visit it. Furthermore, it lets you analyse your site’s performance and address any errors so you can continue to strengthen your position online.

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See Your Crawl Stats

Learn the number of pages crawled and the time spent downloading on your site. Inconsistencies could indicate poor performance.

Get Precise Traffic Reports

Find out how many people are visiting and how they’re finding your site. Check which of your pages are the most popular among other key statistics.

Search Queries Page

Monitor the search queries page in Google Search Console to view click-through rates and use this data to improve your conversion.

Monitor Your Performance

Understand how Google views your website

Google Search Console helps you keep track of the key elements of your website. It provides you with indispensable tools to reach your site’s full potential, making it a must-have for your business.

  • check Get valuable keyword data to refine your marketing plan
  • check Learn if people are visiting your website through desktop or mobile
  • check Review your sitemaps so bots can efficiently crawl your website

Our Approach

Start making informed decisions

When it comes to Google Search Console setup, we’ve got you covered. We’ll create and optimise your account to give you access to the inner workings of your site.

  • check Make drastic fixes like indexing every page and improving ranking criteria
  • check Know when something’s not quite right
  • check Address any issue promptly to maintain a smooth user experience

Google Search Console Frequently Asked Questions

Google Search Console is an essential tool for SEO and SEM. It helps you monitor your website and maintain its rank on search engine results pages. From the Search Console, you can:

  • See how your site is performing
  • Identify which pages are attracting the most traffic
  • Check if there are errors in your structured data
  • Submit a sitemap to Google so it can crawl your site
  • Learn what search queries people are using to reach your site
  • Determine where your backlinks are coming from
  • Manage spamming issues
  • and many more

You can integrate Google Search Console with Google Analytics and Google AdWords to get a clear picture about your entire site, giving you a sophisticated marketing analysis with real time data.

Google Webmaster Tools is what Google Search Console used to be called. The idea behind changing the name was to get more users. Google found that the “webmaster” title wasn’t inclusive enough for all its users who range from novice weekender search fans to certified webmasters. So after 10 years of being called Webmaster Tools, Google changed the name to Search Console to hopefully not scare away any non-webmasters.

Keywords management
This is where you can see what keywords are performing and who is searching for what terms related to your industry.

Make changes and index your site
If you’ve made major changes to a website, the fastest way to get the updates indexed by Google is to submit it in the Search Console so they appear in search results.

Automated diagnostic notifications
Sometimes things break. Get automated notifications that something’s wrong with your site before any customers can have a poor experience.

Improve your website’s appearance in search results
Google Search Console has various resources that can enhance the way your website appears in search. For one, you can use its Data Highlighter to create rich snippets.

Detect security issues
Google alerts you if your website has been hacked or is spreading malware. It also provides solutions that webmasters can take to address the problem.

Add and verify your site
We’ll get your site verified by Google so you can use the Search console.

Submit a crawlable sitemap
We’ll upload the correct sitemap so the search bots can crawl your site for better search results.

Robots.txt files
You don’t necessarily want your whole website to be crawlable. We’ll implement the right robots.txt files to manage this for you so old pages or test pages aren’t crawlable.

Link Google Analytics
We’ll link your Google Analytics account to your Google Search Console so you get all the information you need to get an even clearer picture of your site activity.

Unlimited Websites

Get stronger results across the board with the unlimited addition of websites to our detailed analysing tool.

Unlimited Users

Get your whole team on board with monitoring, improving and optimising your brand with an unlimited amount of users.

Real-time Data

Improve productivity and success by eliminating the delay between data collection and analysis using real-time data.