Call & Live Chat Tracking

Provide a better customer experience

Although they’re often overlooked, leveraging phone call and live chat for your website can be a game-changer for your marketing campaign. Their benefits extend to your customers, website, and overall sales. They allow you to see how your prospects are interacting with your marketing efforts.

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Get High-Quality Leads

Most customers only call or chat with businesses when they are ready to make a decision. This means you can steer clear of bad leads.

Increase Conversion Rate

Use real-time data to pinpoint which channels are driving the most conversions so you can optimise them for better performance.

Optimise Landing Pages

Call and live chat analytics lets you identify which keywords work best for your paid ads and use them to refine your landing pages.

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Understand the Big Picture

Add the recipe for marketing success

Finding out what makes people pick up the phone or engage in your live chat is key to measuring the impact of your SEO, SEM, and other campaigns. When you’re proactive on these channels, you can discover your customers’ pain points, address their issues, and help them reach a buying decision.

  • Make precise calculations of your ROI
  • Optimise your marketing budget for top performing campaigns
  • Craft more targeted ads to reach your customers

Our Approach

Reinforce customer relationships

With call and live chat tracking, you can bridge the gap between online and offline purchases. DigitalMaas can install the necessary tags on your website to help you enhance every aspect of your marketing efforts and point your customers in the right direction.

  • Use live chat and call tracking analytics to win more sales
  • Easily monitor visitor metrics in our Platform
  • Understand and improve every step of your buyer’s journey

Call and Live Chat Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

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