Call & Live Chat Tracking

Provide a better customer experience

Although they’re often overlooked, leveraging phone call and live chat for your website can be a game-changer for your marketing campaign. Their benefits extend to your customers, website, and overall sales. They allow you to see how your prospects are interacting with your marketing efforts.

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Call & Live Chat Tracking

Understand the Big Picture

Add the recipe for marketing success

Finding out what makes people pick up the phone or engage in your live chat is key to measuring the impact of your SEO, SEM, and other campaigns. When you’re proactive on these channels, you can discover your customers’ pain points, address their issues, and help them reach a buying decision.

  • Make precise calculations of your ROI
  • Optimise your marketing budget for top performing campaigns
  • Craft more targeted ads to reach your customers
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Our Approach

Reinforce customer relationships

With call and live chat tracking, you can bridge the gap between online and offline purchases. DigitalMaas can install the necessary tags on your website to help you enhance every aspect of your marketing efforts and point your customers in the right direction.

  • Use live chat and call tracking analytics to win more sales
  • Easily monitor visitor metrics in our Platform
  • Understand and improve every step of your buyer’s journey
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Call and Live Chat Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does call tracking help your business?

    Call tracking analytics gives you insights about customer behaviour, so you can refine your marketing efforts in the future. Instead of using a single phone number for all your campaigns, you can utilise different numbers for every campaign to get accurate results. Here’s how tracking phone calls can help your business:

    Track the performance of your pages and paid search ads
    With call tracking installed on your website, you can see which pages are driving the most traffic and which ones are underperforming. You can also see how many referrals are contacting your business even if they’re not clicking on the link. By collecting key demographic data, you can figure out how to better market your products and services.

    Optimise your ad spend
    You can use unique phone numbers for the keywords you use. This way, you can optimise your ad spend for the keywords that provide a higher value.

    Calls convert 10 times more than web leads
    People who call a business are usually highly motivated, thus, are more likely to make a purchase. Furthermore, more and more of your customers are turning to mobile devices to look for specific products online. It’s more convenient to make a call in smartphones than to fill out a contact form, that’s why it comes as no surprise to know that 70% of mobile users call a business directly from search results.

  • Why does some say that call tracking can impair your SEO?

    Call tracking may hurt your SEO if you’re using it for your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) across online directories. Remember that search engines are all about consistency. If you have different phone numbers across the web, you fail to meet their standards. This can drag down your rankings in the search results.

  • Why install live chat on your website?

    Higher dwell time = better SEO
    Customers who spend more than a minute on your website implies that your webpage is helpful and relevant. Live chat can help you achieve this. As long as the response is useful and precise, customers may stay longer on your site and encourage them to return in the future. This sends positive signals to search engine bots.

    Leverage keywords from saved live chats
    If you can access previous conversations, you can look for keywords that your visitors are using. Keywords are a key SEO ranking factor and if they’re relevant enough, you can increase the chances of ranking higher in the search results.

    Enhance overall convenience
    In some cases, people may not be able to call you to learn more about your product or service, so they’ll engage in live chat instead. If they get their questions answered quickly and easily, you’re giving them reassurance in the product they want to buy. After all, during the final stages of the buying cycle, they usually feel a sense of risk. When they get the help they need promptly, they are more likely to convert into paying customers.

    To enjoy these benefits, make sure that your live chat buttons are easy to see and access on your website.