Social Post Structure Optimisation

Optimise your social posts for maximum exposure

Harness the power of social media by optimising your posts structure on the best platforms to increase the performance of the links being shared from your website. By installing social media meta tags, you can ultimately control the header, images, and description being displayed when your page is shared.

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Social Post Structure Optimisation

Gain More Control

Customise the details you want people to see

Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and other social media tags let you control how your content should travel to social media, providing you with options to create well-curated detail depending on your branding strategy.

  • Get more social exposure
  • Significantly increase of website traffic from social media
  • Make your social post more engaging

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Our Approach

All the details that matter

Our site audit rigorously checks for structured tags allowing you to optimise content for social sharing. We will add structured markup to your pages if nothing has been installed so you have more control of the details when your web page is shared.

  • Installation of tags for all the top social media channels
  • Optimised images for all your social posts
  • Appropriate headlines and text previews

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Optimised Social Post Structure Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do social media tags have any impact on SEO?

    Social media tags were specifically created for social media and not for search engines and have little impact on SEO for now. But with the growth of social media over the recent years, it will be just a matter of years before search engines start to leverage on these tags.

  • What’s the difference between Open Graph Tags vs Twitter cards?

    Each social media platform communicates differently with websites especially when it comes to the structured tags once your web page content is being shared on their networks. See the difference between all the social media tags below:

    Open Graph Tag
    A protocol implemented by Facebook that allows a page to become a rich content showing more details about your shared post. This is also being recognised by other major social media platforms like LinkedIn, Google+ and even Twitter and pull out the same details indicated in these Open Graph social media tags.

    Twitter Cards
    Same as an open graph but exclusively  implemented by Twitter and will give you two different options on how details should appear on the Twitter feed:

    • Summary Cards – Includes a thumbnail image, headline, description and account attribution
    • Summary Cards with Large Image – Same details as the regular cards but with large featured image

    Pinterest Rich Pins
    Rich pins show metadata right on the pin and allow businesses to provide additional details about the pins they are sharing. There are four rich pins you can use depending on the type of content you will be pinning:

    • Recipe – Info:  Ingredients, cooking time, serving etc
    • Product – Info: Item description, price, and stock level
    • Article – Info: Title, headline, description and author of the article
    • App – Info: Details about the app and a link to the store to download it
  • What are the other branding benefits of an optimised social post structure?

    Microformats can best represent your brand by allowing your content to be rich objects on social media. This has a tremendous impact on your visibility ensuring your post to stand out from the rest, capturing the attention of your prospects and take your engagement to the next level – all of which can drive more sales opportunity for your business.