Social Post Structure Optimisation

Optimise your social posts for maximum exposure

Harness the power of social media by optimising your posts structure on the best platforms to increase the performance of the links being shared from your website. By installing social media meta tags, you can ultimately control the header, images, and description being displayed when your page is shared.

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Improved Social Media Experience

Make your social media posts engaging by adding enriched data that will provide a glimpse of what they can expect.

Incredible Social Media Traffic

Enabling your open graph tags and social cards transform your post into a rich object that will help drive traffic to your website.

Build Trust with Your Visitors

Providing a structured information can add value and build brand trust to the post making it more shareable.

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Gain More Control

Customise the details you want people to see

Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and other social media tags let you control how your content should travel to social media, providing you with options to create well-curated detail depending on your branding strategy.

  • Get more social exposure
  • Significantly increase of website traffic from social media
  • Make your social post more engaging

Our Approach

All the details that matter

Our site audit rigorously checks for structured tags allowing you to optimise content for social sharing. We will add structured markup to your pages if nothing has been installed so you have more control of the details when your web page is shared.

  • Installation of tags for all the top social media channels
  • Optimised images for all your social posts
  • Appropriate headlines and text previews

Optimised Social Post Structure Frequently Asked Questions

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