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The objective of any search engine is to serve up results that are relevant to the people typing in the search query. One easy way to show the search engines that you have relevant content is to use Schema markup.

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Boost SEO

Help search engine crawlers understand your page’s content better, so you can improve the ranking of your website.

Create Rich Snippets

Highlight more details about your pages like ratings, products, or events to make them more appealing in the search results.

Improve Click-Through Rates

Since your pages will appear prominently in the search results, there’s a high chance that users will click your link.

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Look Better, Rank Better

See your website traffic skyrocket

Schema markup is the language of the search engines. When implemented correctly, search engines will have a better understanding of what your site is about, which can positively influence the results.

  • Take advantage of this powerful yet underutilised ranking element
  • Find the right Schema combination for your business or product
  • Categorise key details on your website to streamline the search process

Our Approach

Make your Schema markup work hard

DigitalMaas will spruce up the look of your search results to make your site more captivating for customers. We’ll determine what is the best Schema to use for your business in your industry and install the code on your website.

  • Attract a significant amount of qualified traffic
  • Make your site more appealing to potential customers in the search results
  • By incorporating the use of rich snippets, you can boost your online presence

Schema Markup Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Schema markup?
  • Why use Schema markup?
  • How does Schema markup affect my website’s search ranking?