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Facebook Advertising

Reach More Customers with a Facebook Advertising Campaign

Want to reach more customers? A Facebook advertising campaign could be for you. With nearly 2 billion active users on Facebook every month, and the amount of personal and demographic information that is shared on the platform, advertising on Facebook can be highly targeted and with a tremendous reach for your business.

Knowing this, we strongly recommend advertising on Facebook if you want immediate engagement and site traffic. Our site audit test checks to see if you’ve installed the pixel that allows you to advertise on Facebook. With this information, we know that you’ve either used the platform for advertising or not.

If you haven’t used Facebook to advertise, we’ll install the pixel, setup a campaign and the billing account for you. Taking your requirements into consideration and based on your desired budget, we’ll determine the campaign type, your target demographic and keywords, and what frequency you need.

This could prove to be a very lucrative advertising avenue for you because we’ll target a specific audience that’s already looking for your product or service, so you’ll have customers finding you online. The impressions you get will also help your brand position. Another benefit is that the cost per click is generally lower than search engine advertising so your budget will stretch a lot further than just using traditional search and display advertising.

Want to learn more about Facebook advertising campaigns? Test your website using our audit tool to learn where else you can optimise your site.

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