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Digital Marketing Challenges of Trade Businesses

Regulars serve as the foundation of your pub’s success. Not only they keep your business afloat, but they also create buzz by sharing their new favourites. Despite this, many people wouldn’t still be aware that your bar exists. Your existing & potential customers are going online, and if you don’t jump in the digital bandwagon, you’re giving them away to your competitors.

  • Many local bars still depend on word-of-mouth advertising
  • Lack of online visibility & engagement keep bars and pubs from growing
  • Failure to leverage website, local listings & customer reviews for marketing


The Importance of SEO for Restaurants

With most bookings happening online these days, a foolproof trade SEO plan can make your website appear on top of the of a highly competitive keyword search result in Google, bringing in more enquiries to your trade business.

Keep in mind that in the business of trade services, customer retention is as important as acquiring a new one. SEO contractors provide ways on how you can improve not only your digital marketing performance but also how to build trust with your clients, ensuring multiple bookings from them.

DigitalMaas can help you establish a strong business brand by optimising your website through our local SEO for contractors plan. We guarantee high exposure for your business and create more opportunities for conversions.