About DigitalMaas

We’re living in the digital age and every business needs to have a strong digital presence to stay relevant. DigitalMaas is an online marketing platform that helps you Be Found on the internet, develop a stronger Brand Position, fine-tune your Customer Appeal, and ultimately be the Easy Choice for customers. We have the experience and knowledge to define best practice in online marketing and we test, fix and measure websites against this using the technology developed by our amazing engineering team in Sydney. We make digital marketing easy and affordable so that every business can compete online.

Our Team

DigitalMaas is a privately owned, founder-led company that invests heavily in engineering, product and amazing design. Our innovative approach attracts experienced individuals excited by developing new products and features.

This has resulted in a dynamic makeup of the brightest minds crafting elegant technology solutions to simplify online marketing, an enthusiastic operations and sales team, and an extremely dedicated fulfilment division. We believe that with our people and technology, we’re able to offer a solution to suit any customer’s digital marketing needs.

Our History

We started out in 2014 as a specialist white label SEO and SEM services company to address the needs of business owners wanting to be found online.

Early success let us partner with larger companies to expand our reach and help more customers. In turn, we gained a wealth of knowledge and enough experience to define best practice. Building on this, we shifted our focus to technology to develop a scalable model. By replacing previously manual tasks, we could service more customer needs at more affordable prices than traditional avenues.

But we still believed our customers deserved more, which prompted the lightbulb moment – build a platform to manage all their digital marketing needs in one place. And that’s where we are today. DigitalMaas is the marketing platform that enables businesses to market themselves online.

Our Culture

Every day we come into the office with the simple mission to do better. Whether that’s improving the DigitalMass platform, making someone’s day, or choosing a new charitable avenue to pursue, everyone pulls together to make better every time. We can only achieve this because we employ the best people with just the right level of geek and the ability to have a laugh along the way.

What We Do

We’ve built a very cool site audit tool that tests websites against best practice and generates bespoke digital marketing reports. From the reports you can see where you can fix your site to be more competitive online, and measure the positive effects when you login to the Platform.

Why not take the test today to see how you go:

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