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How to Win the Fight Against Fake Reviews on Google

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People now consider online reviews as the new word-of-mouth. In fact, 84% of consumers trust reviews in as much as personal recommendations. They need reassurance that your product or service will give them the value they’re looking for, and one way to set their expectations is by checking the reviews. But because anyone can leave […]

Switching From AdWords to Google Ads: What to Expect?

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With more users quickly shifting from looking for products to skimming content, watching videos, and more, marketers now have a plethora of options to connect with their target audience. Along with this change, Google advertisements have evolved to guide them on every stage of the consumer journey – be it on display, text, and video. […]

How Long Does SEO Take to Work in 2018?

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How long SEO takes to work depends on a number of factors, let’s explore them together.. Four, maybe five years ago, SEO was about getting specific keywords on to page one. That was considered successful, because it could often lead to sales. Build some backlinks, add some content and away you go. Times have changed, […]

Content Will Always Be King

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When I first stepped into the threshold of SEO back in 2009 as a bright narcissistic blogger with lots of opinions, it was already clear back then that content is king. This still holds true up to this day simply because the content is the most important component of a website and the core of […]

Make Waves in the Industry With Digital Marketing

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Every business today, especially the marine industry needs to embrace Digital Marketing. This means making your business stand out online. At DigitalMaas, we can help you cruise past the competition as we take a deep dive into the ins and outs of digital marketing. In partnership with Google and Boat Deck, DigitalMaas invites marine businesses […]

Tips on How to Make Your Instagram Business Profile a Success

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When Instagram was released back in 2010, I thought it was just an app for hipsters to share photos of the things they ironically like during the 90’s. And just like any other hipster trend, it instantly became a hit! Not only because it is too cool for our own good but also because of […]

DigitalMaas Joins Sydney Homeless Connect to Feed 800 Homeless People

Today was one hell of a day! The DigitalMaas team got to participate in feeding around 800 homeless and disadvantaged people across Sydney. “Sydney Homeless Connect provides an annual winter event at Sydney Town Hall where our open-door policy allows people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to connect with service and […]

SEO and SEM: What’s the Difference?

In the world of digital marketing, you may have already heard of SEO and SEM (search engine optimisation and search engine marketing). It’s not surprising that these concepts are used interchangeably as they both aim to make your website stand out in the search results and attract more customers. These two, however, are entirely different. To […]