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How It All Works



Let data help you improve online

We think it should be easy to see how you can improve your website so it performs better. Our free site audit runs over 30 tests to analyse your website and uses data to score it against best practice. We tell you where your gaps are, how to fill them and why it’s important.

Analyse my website

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Understand what you’re fixing and why

  • If it ain’t broke…

    We’ll show you all the fixes available to fill your existing gaps and how that can benefit your website. There’s no wastage because you choose what you want to fix.

    Analyse my website

  • Learn as you go

    We describe what each fix is and how we’ll go about implementing improvement so you understand more about your site requirements.

    Analyse my website

  • Make the change

    When you know what needs improving, you can decide if you want to tackle the fixes yourself, or if you want to buy the solutions directly from the platform.

    Analyse my website



Fixes help you reach your objectives

If you know how your website is performing, you can make informed digital marketing decisions. The Platform measures your site and provides you with metrics and insights to make these decisions. You’ll also see how the improvements you’ve made impact your business.

Analyse my website

  • With all the metrics at hand, you can prioritise what you fix next
  • Metrics will show that you’re taking your business to the next level
  • The more you improve, the more achievements you’ll unlock

Success is just a test away

Run your website through our analysis tool to check the state of it. See how it compares to our Four Pillars and where you might focus your attention to improve it based on your free report.

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