Quality Content Audit

Analyse your website content

Content is king, but only when it serves the needs of the people searching for it. Having quality content makes it worth it for users to invest their time reading and sharing it with other people. In turn, it will rank better and attract more traffic. That’s why you should include website content audit in your marketing strategy.

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Pinpoint Content Problems

Improve your site’s search value by identifying performance issues, fixing broken links, and enhancing your site’s accessibility.

Integrate Target Keywords

Fill in the gaps of your existing content by incorporating target keywords. The more you optimise your content, the more you power up your SEO.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Having duplicate content can negatively affect your search engine rankings. Make sure your content is rich and unique by performing an audit.

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Diagnose Content Gaps

Produce content that converts

These days, the expectation is not only to have an engaging content – think images, videos and other interactive media – but also to have a substantial amount of words on the page. A content audit will highlight areas where the site is lacking information, so you can make it more relevant and updated for your audience.

  • Prevent thin content from dragging down the quality of your website
  • Find out what content you can remove, repurpose, and update
  • Determine the most captivating type of content for your audience

Our Approach

Find opportunities to improve your content

We’ll conduct an SEO content analysis to identify which pages contain duplicate and thin content. We’ll examine the strengths and weaknesses of your content, then provide you with recommendations on how to optimise them.

  • Evaluate the analytics you have for every content
  • Refine your strategy to get the most out of your existing and future content
  • Enhance your site’s visibility in search results

Quality Content Audit Frequently Asked Questions

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