Manage Multi-Location Listings

  • Get instant Location Audit Scores
  • Bulk location monitor and error tracking
  • Easily manage and optimize location data at scale

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Manage Multi-Location Listings


Connect Multiple Locations in Seconds.

Bulk listing profile setup, super fast and simple:

  • Connect to new or existing location profile pages
  • Instantly create a ‘one dashboard view’ of all your profiles
  • Sort and group profile listings as you need
  • Group and segment locations with tags
  • Search and filter profile listings for custom view

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Connect Multiple Locations in Seconds.


Get Location Audit Scores in Real Time.

With DigitalMaas’s built-in location audit functionality you’ll stay up to date on profile audit scores, across all your properties in real time:

  • Profile listing audit scores by location
  • Quick and clear visual error alerts where attention is needed
  • Audit check for data completeness and quality
  • Presence (Category, website URL, Business Hours and NAP etc)
  • Profile attributes
  • Media such as logo and images
  • Reputation (Reviews and Review replies)
  • Marketing (Posts and Post engagement)
  • Messaging (Q&A)

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Get Location Audit Scores in Real Time.


Edit and Optimize Location Data at Scale.

Powerful location data editing and media uploads across any location, quick and easy.

  • Bulk edit actions
  • Data cleaning / Task tracker
  • Save & update multiple profile page data
  • Basic location information (NAP data)
  • Location attributes
  • Media such as logo and images
  • Reviews status
  • Posts activity
  • Questions / Answers status

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Edit and Optimize Location Data at Scale.


Powerful Location Based Analytics.

Powerful location data editing and media uploads across any location, quick and easy.

  • See location based branded keyword search results
  • Optimize core data that drives search rankings, at scale
  • Impact local search visibility at a local level
  • Boost click-through rate from search results pages
  • Gain new customers from organic search

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Powerful Location Based Analytics.


Group and Segment Location Data with Tags.

You can group and segment your location profile data in ways that help you draw deeper insights from your metrics. Tags and Filters allow you to manage pre-defined segments, such as

  • Regional zones, suburbs, street names and place identifiers
  • Brand names, store names etc.
  • Review  status – Replied or Unreplied
  • Reviewer name, Rating, update times etc.

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Group and Segment Location Data with Tags.

Why Local Presence Matters?

DigitalMaas’ Presence Tool harnesses the power of first impressions! Customers care about your brand’s presence online when it helps them enjoy easy access to important information, builds trust, offers personalization, and helps them find businesses like yours in their local area.

Top of page means top of mind … Maintaining a leading brand presence online means your business stays consistently visible and is easily discoverable by users searching the web, helping you to:



  • Build Trust

    Build Trust

    A strong online local presence helps businesses establishe awareness, credibility and trust with potential customers in the local area over time.

  • Increase your Visibility

    Increase your Visibility

    Optimizing location profiles for local search boosts visibility in local search results, making it easier for potential customers to discover and engage with your business.

  • Improve User Experience

    Improve User Experience

    A local online presence offers personalized and relevant information like store hours, directions, and reviews to improve the customer experience.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement

    Enhanced Customer Engagement

    An authentic online presence engages the local community through social media, email marketing, and other channels, fostering loyalty and community.

  • Boost your Sales

    Boost your Sales

    A strong local online presence drives traffic to your website and physical locations, leading greater awareness and increased sales conversions.

  • Extend your Competitive Advantage

    Extend your Competitive Advantage

    A robust local online presence differentiates your business and offerings in the local market, helping you to stand out from your competitors.

<br>Small to Medium Business

Small to Medium Business

For businesses with less than 10 locations, this plan’s perfect for you.

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  • Learn as you go
  • See results firsthand
  • Cost effective
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labour


Businesses with more 10+ locations get the most out of this plan.

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  • A team of experts at your fingertips
  • See results sooner
  • Free up time to focus on your business
  • Great value plans available
  • Watch your business grow

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I audit more than one location in one go?

    Yes, the DigitalMaas Platform can audit all imported locations, including unverified profiles.

  • Will my changes on the DigitalMaas platform automatically reflect on Google?

    Changes within the DigitalMaas platform will be reflected on your Google Business Profile between ten (10) minutes to three (3) days.

  • What is the benefit of managing my locations on the DigitalMaas platform?

    You can see how all your locations are doing, optimise in bulk, and publish one Google Post across one or more locations.

  • Will the DigitalMaas Platform auto-create a Google Business Profile?

    No, you will need to create a Google Business Profile or claim and verify an existing one on Google Search or Maps.

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