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3 Changes in Google Business Profile

Myta Santiago 3 mins read
3 Changes in Google Business Profile

In case you’ve been managing your Google Business Profile with the DigitalMaas Platform, you might not have noticed some new changes rolling out over the past few weeks. Google Business Profile is yet again going through a bit of an interface overhaul and honestly, not everyone is happy about it.

Based on what we’ve gathered so far, this is what’s been going on.

1. New Merchant Experience (NMX)

google business profile manager in search results

Don’t worry, this is not another name change.

While this is nothing new, Google recently made several changes to the in-SERP GBP editor. If you try to access the original Business Profile Manager, you will be redirected to the first page of search results.

This move is collectively called the New Merchant Experience, or NMX. To access the Profile editor, just type your business name on Google. For the US and Australia at least, this change has been fully rolled out. On the other hand, some of us are still seeing the old interface even if we try to type in

However, others have found a loophole, like Reuben Yau:

google business profile loophole

Copy and paste to access the old interface. Before hitting “Enter,” change the word “locations” or “dashboard” to “edit.”

Other than what we’ve seen on social media, there’s not much news about this, as Google has yet to make a statement about the release.

2. No more Photo insights

We’ve always encouraged our customers to upload photos of their establishments, products, services, and teams. That’s why it came to us as a surprise that Google decided to do away with Photo insights. We’re still waiting for more news about this as well – particularly about whether they’ll be creating more sophisticated metrics for visuals on GBP or just doing away with the insights altogether.

3. Other metrics may have disappeared

google business profile performance metrics new

A bit more unfortunate news regarding data insights: some performance metrics are going away. What you have now, when you click the Performance icon on the in-SERP editor, is an overview along with data of major actions on your Profile such as calls, messages, bookings, directions and website clicks.

Notice that you no longer have the pie graph that shows how people search for your business – whether it’s discovery, direct, or branded. What you have instead is a device and platform breakdown next to what keywords users typed in.

Google Business Profile device breakdown metrics

We’re not sure if Google temporarily took it down for some tweaking or if this will be permanently removed.

Heavy Google Business Profile users are frustrated

Suffice to say, many local SEOs are downright frustrated with the new changes, especially if they’ve heavily relied on the data to put direction on their local marketing efforts. BrightLocal even put out a poll on Twitter asking the overall sentiment of these new changes – and some 83% of respondents said that it’s difficult to use, that “it’s a mess.” One reply stated that they “Kind of like it, but of course [it] takes some getting used to.”

digitalmaas google business profile location dashboard

If you feel that managing a Google Business Profile is overwhelming for you, you can always rely on the DigitalMaas Platform to have a consistent and user-friendly interface and all-in-one dashboard. And you can even do more with the Platform:

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