Amplify - 3 Reasons to Add Video Marketing to Your Arsenal

3 Reasons to Add Video Marketing to Your Arsenal

It’s no secret that video continues to take the world by storm since its inception. It’s everywhere – from your television screens to your social media feeds. Whether it’s an ad, product review, or live streaming, it appeals to virtually all audiences because they’re engaging and entertaining. For this reason, many businesses are now embracing video marketing to stay relevant and competitive

If you’re hesitant to add video marketing to your promotional toolbox, here are some facts and figures that will convince you to do so.

With blog competition getting tighter by the day, video marketing may be the answer to making your content stand out. It has the potential to provide a significant ROI through various channels. Here’s how:

It creates better engagement

Our brains are programmed to absorb and retain visual information better than textual content. This explains why many marketers and consumers love videos. Apart from being great storytellers, they connect to us on a personal level – they can easily grab and hold attention, evoke emotions, instil confidence, and inspire action.

Since they carry out a more genuine interaction, viewers are 10x more likely to engage, share, and leave a comment than other related social posts. That’s why videos are considered the king of all contents.

It’s an easy way to educate consumers

Videos are easier to digest than text because they provide a real-life picture of your message. They can combine visual and auditory content, making them superior than any other medium. This makes them ideal for introducing your product or service, demonstrating how-to’s, and showcase your brand culture. 97% of marketers claim that videos have helped consumers understand how a product or service works.

It increases conversions

Social Media Today claims that 90% of consumers rely on video content to help them make a buying decision because it gives them a closer look at the ins and outs of a certain product. This means there’s a great chance you can boost your conversion rate by up to 80% or more when you add videos in your landing pages. They can keep your site visitors around long enough to check the rest of your website. Just make sure to turn off autoplay as this can be perceived as aggressive to the users.

Video content marketing is here to stay, so expect it to grow in leaps and bounds for years to come. This is why now is the best time to embrace it. It’s the perfect complement to your existing content. It can take some time and practice, but it will always be worth the investment.

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