Why Content Will Always Be King

Bon Serrano 2 mins read
Why Content Will Always Be King

When I first stepped into the threshold of SEO back in 2009 as a bright narcissistic blogger with lots of opinions, it was already clear back then that content is king. A thing that still holds true up to this day simply because it is the most important component of a website and the core of every digital marketing campaign.

The entire world wide web is made up of visual content that we mere mortals consume each and every day of our lives. Whether you are reading news articles, looking for more information about the restaurant that just opened across the street or watching that plush piggy got tackled by a cat for the thousandth time, digital content is the reason why we log on to the internet. And as a brand with the full intention getting the most out of your digital marketing efforts, you want to make sure that your content marketing game is on its highest level and should always be first on your strategy list.

Here are 3 more reasons why content is still the undisputed king of online marketing:

It is ever evolving

The landscape of content marketing has evolved significantly over the years and with a plethora of digital platforms available, brands are now more creative in producing high-quality content with the hopes of standing out above the rest of their competition.  And since businesses are now shifting their focus from traditional marketing to digital these days because of the greater value it brings, content marketing has become a highly competitive area. If you want to emerge from the pack, you must be very creative in presenting content to your targeted audience.  

A powerful tool to establish your brand

Brand awareness is still the greatest benefit of content marketing. Creating high-quality content and regularly distributing it can help you build a great relationship with your consumers. Content gives your brand a voice and adds value to the product or service you provide. You also give your prospects the opportunity to know more about your business and make a strong case for why they should pick you over other competing brands.

Content marketing still converts

Driving conversion through content marketing is relatively easy especially if it is well defined and relevant to your target customers. A content that is genuinely good will always be rewarded by search engines. Google often favours high-quality and original over poorly written and artificially manipulated content. The higher your search engine ranking is for your targeted keywords, the more traffic and exposure your website will get and the more chances of converting them into customers.

Content will always be a vital part of digital marketing and regardless of the form you create for your audience, whether you explore the latest trends like ephemeral videos or opt for something more conventional, one strategy must be certain and that is to keep it original, compelling and relevant. Engaging content creates a deeper prospect engagement and makes your sales force stronger, bringing more profit to your business.

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