Why You Should Expand Your Keyword List

Myta Santiago 4 mins read
Why You Should Expand Your Keyword List

Whether you’re building a website or optimising your online listing, most of the content you’ll make starts with a keyword list. This list enables you to grab your audience’s attention across search engines and even help you rank higher in SERPs.

And while a neat list of keywords is handy in some cases, it’s also good to have unlimited choices and combinations of keywords to help you make hyper-targeted content – a boon for those focusing on local marketing. So what keywords should you consider in your keyword list and why should you, ultimately, expand it? Read through our blog to find out.

What to add to your Keyword List

While there are several types of keywords out there, there are 5 main keywords that we’ll focus on the most common ones for now.

1. Short Tail Keywords

Keyword list short tail keyword

Definition: Phrases that are less than three words.

Benefits: While highly competitive, short tail keywords are better used for the overall theme of your website or online listing.

2. Long Tail Keywords

keyword list long tail keyword

Definition: Phrases that are three words or longer.

Benefits: Long-tail keywords have a much higher conversion rate and are less competitive, so they’re best used in blog posts or relevant static pages.

3. Product Defining Keywords

product-defining keyword list

Definition: Keywords that can explain or describe your product. List out the features of your products and write brief descriptions.

Benefits: People looking at products need a little nudge to order or add to their cart, so product-defining keywords offer high conversion rates despite having a low search volume.

4. Customer Defining Keywords

customer defining keyword list

Definition: These are keywords that are similar to product-defining keywords, but appeal to a more targeted market. For instance, people with narrower shoulders may opt to look for backpacks that are specifically designed for their build.

Benefits: Similar to product-defining keywords, customer-defining keywords also offer high conversion rates despite having a low search volume.

5. Geo-Targeted Keywords

geo-targeted keyword list

Definition: Keywords that include a specific place like a suburb, city, state or country where your target audience is located.

Benefits: Significant for local businesses despite having low search volume, as they have a higher conversion rate.

Why you should have more keywords

Any SEO would know that a keyword list serves as the foundation for any digital marketing activity, and it’s true for local marketing efforts. Having more keywords means having more online exposure.

Your keyword strategy should also include related keywords that focus on search intent. It’s also good to add keywords that come in the form of questions, as 8% of queries worldwide are phrased as questions (Moz). A good balance of a healthy abundance of keywords while spreading them across your online content should get you more views and conversions.

… But how many are too many?

In a keyword list, you can have an unlimited number of keywords in different combinations. But it’s how and when you’ll use them that matters.

Enter keyword stuffing. This entails putting too many keywords on a webpage in order to manipulate your ranking on search results (Google Search Central). A good example would be repeating the exact same keywords or key phrases too near to each other that it does not look natural. Not only is it tiring to look at, it also discourages your readers from learning more from you.

For example, you’re a craft store in Sydney and you sell Copic markers. Ideally, your keyword list should include related terms like “drawing markers,” “coloured markers,” and “sketch markers”. So avoid using just “Copic markers” in your web copy –

Copic markers are used by artists worldwide. We sell Copic markers to both professionals and amateurs alike. We also have refills for Copic markers. Do you want Copic markers? Buy Copic markers from us!

… Yeah, we get it. But if you structure and place your keywords like the next example below, you could just get a customer to add a marker or two to their cart –

Used by professional and amateur artists alike, Copic markers are high-quality markers that are known for their smooth application and easy blending. Whether you’re sketching a beautiful evening gown design or creating a breathtaking fantasy landscape, know that our drawing markers colour up your creativity!

Not the best, but it does put into one’s imagination what they’ll be expecting from buying Copic markers. Google wants what humans want: creative, varied and information-rich web copy.

Expand your Keyword List with the DigitalMaas Platform

DigitalMaas Platform Keyword List

There are many keyword aggregators out there, but they often show similar ones to the main keyword that you use. With the DigitalMaas Platform, you can see unlimited keywords that searchers actually use, so you actually find out what your target market actually uses in order to find you. This can help you diversify your content across your online real estate. You can continue reading about how to do keyword research – specifically for local SEO – or go ahead and sign up for the DigitalMaas Platform and make your online listings attract customers even better.

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