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Google Business Profile API Changes on the DigitalMaas Platform

Myta Santiago 1 min read
Google Business Profile API Changes on the DigitalMaas Platform

Starting 29th March 2023, you will see changes in your Metrics Tab for single and multi-location views on the DigitalMaas Platform.

These changes are in response to Google’s recently announced removal of some data fields from their API. DigitalMaas will also start to pull out related data from the Platform.

The following data will no longer be available on the Platform:

  • Media Views (Photo Views on GBP)
  • Post Views

On the other hand, Total Views will be re-categorised into Search and Map Views, both with their respective mobile and desktop views. 

Metrics Tab for Individual Locations

DigitalMaas Platform single locations

The top card section will have the following changes:

  • Searches card will no longer be seen as the data is no longer available
  • Views will be renamed to “Total Views,” which will include Maps and Search Views
  • Actions will be renamed to “Total Interactions,” which will consist of Phone Calls, Website Visits, and Driving Directions
  • The Reviews card will be retained and will show the total number of reviews from customers
  • The information icon will also reflect changes in definitions

On the other hand, the graph section will be restructured. Users will see Total Views, Map Views, Search Views, Calls, Driving Directions, and Website Visits.

graph area api changes on digitalmaas platform

Performance Tab for Multiple Locations

Likewise, the Performance View will have a few changes, particularly in the List View of the DigitalMaas Platform.

Performance Tab view api changes on DigitalMaas Platform

  • Impressions, Post Views, Photo Views, and their respective percentage changes will be removed
  • Users will be able to see their Total Search Views and Total Map Views in addition to Website Visits, Phone Calls, Total Interactions, and their respective percentage changes

Additionally, if you’ve selected less than 10 locations, the top four (4) Views and Interactions cards will not appear in your Performance View.

What to Expect on the DigitalMaas Platform (for now)?

As with all updates, there will be a short period where your data may fluctuate a bit due to these changes. Please note that your metrics will stabilise in time and we will continue to improve the Platform to match Google’s deprecation schedule.

For more information, you may contact us at or visit our Support Centre for further clarification and essential step-by-step guides.

Myta Santiago

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