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Your Guide to Google My Business Attributes

Myta Santiago 4 mins read
Your Guide to Google My Business Attributes

If your NAP is the heart of your listing, then Google My Business attributes are its soul. Consumers are information-hungry individuals who believe that the more details they know about a brand, the better. When they search online for products or services that you offer, and your store nearest them pops up on the Google My Business knowledge panel or 3-Pack, they will see just how much information you’ve shared with them on your listing.

This guide will help you better understand what Google My Business attributes are all about and why they are necessary for your listing. If you still can’t figure out what the deal is with attributes, read on ahead.

What are Google My Business Attributes?

Google My Business attributes are characteristics or offerings that your establishment has that further improve your visibility on search results and help you stand out among your competitors.

There are over a hundred or so attributes, however, not all are available for you: they’re relevant to your primary business category. So if you’re a restaurant, for example, you definitely will find attributes like ‘cash-only’ or ‘private dining room’ but not ‘hot tub’ or ‘experience with thick curly hair’. You can add several attributes as long as they are relevant to your business – avoid selecting those that aren’t related to what your business offers as customers might take note of this and give you negative reviews.

When you go on Google and search for a business, you immediately won’t see their attributes. To see what attributes they have, click the Google Maps image on the upper right-hand corner of the knowledge panel. You’ll be directed to their Google Maps result. Once there, click their business description and the left-side panel and you’ll see their available Google My Business attributes.

Aria Sydney Restaurant Google My Business Search Results

Aria Sydney Restaurant Google My Business Description

Aria Restaurant with Google My Business Attributes

Now here’s the most exciting part: selecting with attribute best fits your business.

As mentioned, there are so many choices depending on your primary category (with hotels and restaurants having the most number of attribute options). Here’s a quick guide for you to see which ones you’ll need in your Google My Business listing.


Accessibility attributes show customers that you accommodate persons with disabilities, particularly for wheelchair-bound people. You have ramps and special seating available, PWD parking and wheelchair-friendly restrooms.

Payments & Dining

If you have a variety of payment methods, you can add them in your listing. Dining attributes give your customers an idea of what kind of dine-in setup is available in their eating establishment.

Crowd & Lodging


If you consider yourself a safe space for the LGBT community or are restricted to adult visitors, you can choose those attributes for you business. On the other hand, if you’re a hotel with more family-oriented lodging, you can choose family rooms as one of your attributes.

Planning Recommendations

This will greatly help your customers know what’s available for them when they plan to make a visit to your store or contact you for consultations. Healthcare establishments, in particular, can use these attributes to let their patients know they are truly in a safe space.

Activities & Languages Spoken

The activities attributes are usually for recreational places like beach resorts and camping grounds, while languages spoken may be used for other businesses like restaurants and clinics that have a diverse staff. The latter helps make non-English speakers feel more comfortable doing business with you.


Hotels, resorts, restaurants and other places of leisure and retail stores can use these attributes to let their guests know that they offer such amenities in addition to what they have in their packages. For example, if you own a hotel, you can add attributes like ‘baggage storage’, ‘dogs allowed’, and ‘fitness centre’ on your Google My Business listing.


Yes, there are so many offerings for a variety of businesses across all industries that can amp up your visibility on search results. Great for retail stores and restaurants, these attributes are beneficial for adding more details and features your business has to enhance customer experience.

Highlights & ‘Popular For’

Highlights are like offerings but add more facts about your business as a whole. ‘Popular for’ on the other hand are subjective attributes that your customers say you have but isn’t always true for some.

These attributes boost your business’ chances to stay on top of search results and your local competition. Remember: a fully optimised Google My Business listing gives customers a better idea of what you do and what you can offer and help them decide if they will purchase from you. And the DigitalMaas Platform can help you achieve all of these and more.

DigitalMaas Platform Attributes for Restaurants

You can add Google My Business attributes on the DigitalMaas Platform – check out our Support Centre. If you haven’t yet, create or import your listing today using our Platform and add all the details and attributes that you’ll need to rise on top of search results.

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