Why You Need a PPC Brand Protection to Take Back Your Competitive Edge

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Why You Need a PPC Brand Protection to Take Back Your Competitive Edge

You’re losing visibility, website traffic and customers! But there’s an easy way to change that

So, you have an amazing brand and customer base, right? You’ve been getting excellent web traffic from search words, yes? Or perhaps Social is doing really well? And your business is on the up?
Great! But here’s the thing…

While your intended target audience has been noticing just how awesome you are, it’s likely that your competitors have been as well. And it’s very easy for those competitors to piggyback off your success: getting clicks and traffic that should otherwise go to you and your business.

How? By bidding on your brand name and associated keywords. To put it simply, if your trademark or brand name drives a high search volume, your competitors know it and want a piece of the action.

So what effect can this have on your business? What can you do to prevent this from happening? And what are the benefits of PPC Brand protection? Keep reading to find out.

The effect on your business

Data has shown that 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy something online. And other evidence shows that the first result displayed gets 44.64% clicks.

When competing advertisers successfully bid on your search terms, they can appear before you in Google. And that means even if you rank at the top in terms of organic search, your competitor has the upper hand if their paid ad is sitting above you on Google.

The effect on your business? You could be losing out. But you don’t have to…

The solution: PPC Brand Protection

PPC Brand protection can help you find out what your competitors are doing, discover who is bidding on your brand name, and put measures in place to get you back on top.

This can help you get:

  • More visits to your website
  • Cheaper cost per click
  • Lower campaign costs

Brand protection = Less competition = Lower costs

A successful PPC brand protection campaign will help you bid on your own brand names and take back the business and traffic you deserve.

The great thing about this is being able to appear first for your brand at incredibly cheap prices.

But wait. What if I appear on both organic results AND paid results?

This can be hugely beneficial to you for a number of reasons. In fact, this is often the way to get the best bang for your buck. Owning the front page real estate will allow you to dominate the search results. Why appear in Google just once when you can appear twice? Increased search presence can grow the likelihood of customers clicking on your page and is also an easy way of boosting your quality score.

“Quality score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.”

Additionally, when you display under both organic and paid results, you can use the space to better communicate your message to potential new customers.

And of course, if you don’t take your branded spot in Google Ads, someone else will.

digitalmaas ppc brand protection

What can happen if you don’t do anything to protect your brand name?

Well, maybe nothing will happen. Maybe your competitors won’t bid on your keywords and brand name. But it’s highly unlikely that’s the case.

Many businesses have been known to make agreements with competitors, solidifying that neither will bid on one another’s brand names. But here’s the thing: depending on the field of your business, is it really going to possible to make deals with all of your competitors? What about new competitors who arrive on the scene and want to get a competitive edge?

In today’s digital age startups are popping up left right and centre. “12,000 startups being created each in China” that is just China alone. Too many businesses act too slowly and get left behind.

Take control of your market, take back traffic from competitors bidding on your company name and keep your brand protected with a quality brand protection PPC campaign.

Case Study

I worked with a client at the beginning of the year. She was new to digital marketing and the first thing we noticed was her competitor bidding on her brand name.

She was in the travel industry and both brands effectively had the word “travel” in their name, but every time anyone would search for my clients business, this competitor was lapping up all the enquiries. Completely legal and very common as well. Most business owners don’t even realise its happening until it’s too late.

We built a brand Protection Campaign for less than $400 per month. After a few weeks, we dominated that space and increased online enquiries by 535%.

ppc brand protection results.

Here at DigitalMaas, it’s our aim is to save clients’ money and get you and your business the best results through Google Ads. We provide high-quality content and advice to business owners and marketing managers who want to thrive in digital marketing.

If you are interested in building low-cost PPC brand protection for your local business, sign-up to our platform today and check how you can improve your online presence through search engine marketing.



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