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New on Twitter: Reporting Shady Activities

Bon Serrano 1 min read
New on Twitter: Reporting Shady Activities

Do you think someone is fishy on Twitter? Well, we have a great news for you! The social media giant has introduced another feature that will intensify its campaign against spamming.

Starting today, you can now flag accounts with vicious activities such as malicious tweets, posts that include unrelated hashtags (scammers favourite tactic to gain attention on topics that are trending) and of course, suspicious Twitter spam bots which are quite prevalent in this social media channel.

A Twitter spokesperson told The Verge “The new reporting flow will allow us to collect more detailed information so we can identify and remove spam more effectively,”

You can now specify the type of suspected spam activity when you report someone (e.g. fake Twitter account). You will then have the options to block or mute the accounts so their future tweets won’t be visible on your feed.

“With more details to review, we’ll be adding more resources to our review processes.” The spokesperson added.

Earlier this year, Twitter has confirmed its massive sweeping of 70 million fake profiles, including those that use Twitter spam bot, to aggressively address the network’s severe problem with inauthentic accounts and malicious automation. Since then, the social media platform has stiffened its sign up process that has effectively disrupted the creation of a fake Twitter account.

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