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DigitalMaas + Google Partner Connect Retail Success Event

Hyatt Regency Sydney Wharf Room 1 + 2
DigitalMaas + Google Partner Connect Retail Success Event

How to make the most out of the peak retail season and grow your business online? The masterclass will provide you with actionable tips to harness digital marketing and have the most successful festive season ever. This practical workshop will have you running back to your desk to implement the suggestions you learn at this event.

Australia’s #1 award-winning All in One Marketing Platform, DigitalMaas and Google Partner Connect invite you to gain knowledge of each of the digital marketing options available to you and learn how to start to build your own digital strategy and/or digital marketing campaign. Learn more on:

  • How to make the most of GMB in relation to the knowledge panel, Google Maps and Google Reviews
  • How to manage locations at scale using DigitalMaas
  • How to collect and analyse your reviews
  • How to drive foot traffic into your stores using Google Adwords and store visits
  • How to win in retail this Christmas with a killer digital strategy

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