Display Advertising

A key ingredient to building brand awareness

There are two main ways to get traffic to your website: implementing search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics and employing paid advertising campaigns. Paid ads can appear in various formats and on several platforms, but one of the more popular options is running a display advertising campaign.

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Display Advertising

Turn Leads Into Customers

Dominate your market

With billions of users worldwide, the Internet provides a great potential to grow your business. Online display advertising helps reach your target audience wherever they are, and with the right message, you can cultivate a positive brand perception.

  • Reach new customers as soon as you launch the campaign
  • Feature your ads on relevant sites to improve credibility and effectiveness
  • Achieve high online visibility to build top of mind awareness
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Our Approach

Boost your return on investment

Display ads complement your other marketing strategies by driving maximum exposure for your business. At DigitalMaas, we help you choose the most effective creative for your campaign, so you can make customers coming back for more.

  • Create the perfect targeting mix to find engaged consumers
  • Pick the best placement to capture the interest of your prospects
  • Set clear and concise goals to drive more leads and sales
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Display Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose display advertising?

    Stand out from the crowd
    Display ads are visually appealing, and you can fully personalise them to captivate your potential customers. Tap into the essence of what they want to buy with a compelling message, and you can make them coming back for more.

    Spend less, achieve more
    Unlike tri-media (print, radio, and television), display advertising is inexpensive, thus allowing small businesses to compete with big companies. You can already reach thousands of users online, even if you have limited resources.

    A/B split testing
    Find out which of your display ads are performing well without the steep price tag. Test a strategy to understand your market and tweak it based on the feedback you receive so you can make your campaigns more profitable and successful.

    When you run a site audit test, we check the Google Display Network to see if you have any display advertising campaigns running and if they’re optimised. Because this is an effective way for customers to find you online and visit your site when they’re ready to convert, we definitely recommend trying display ads to get more traffic to your site quickly.

  • When should I use display advertising?

    Display advertising works best for building awareness and customer trust. After all, it positions you in front of the right people, even if they’re not searching. Here are the many ways you can take advantage of display ads:

    Retarget your product or service
    It’s likely that people shopping for your product or service have shown some level of interest. If they didn’t convert, you can reconnect with them with a display ad. Your ad can appear on the next website they visit or even on their social media feeds without being obtrusive.

    Improve your membership program
    You can build your loyalty or membership program with a brilliant digital display ad. It should answer what’s in store for customers if they registered for your program.

    Upsell your customers
    Display ads can maximise your sales by encouraging customers to upgrade a product or service, or to purchase a more expensive item.

    Leverage events or seasonal buys
    If your product or service is seasonal, you can use display ads so customers won’t miss out the limited offer. You can also tailor your ads to announce events.

  • What are the different targeting options for display advertising?

    Site placement targeting
    This is the most effective option because you can select the websites you like to advertise on. You can reach your specific demographic in relevant websites using timely and personalised ads, thus increasing the chances of getting noticed.

    Contextual targeting
    This approach shows your ads to websites with relevant content. If you’re promoting a special price on furniture, for instance, the ad will likely appear on home improvement websites.

    In this type of targeting, ads pop up when a user has visited your website. Once cookies track their visit, your ad will appear on the next site they visit. It encourages them to return to your site when they’re ready to purchase your product.

    Demographic targeting
    This option allows you to focus on a particular gender, age range, or parental status. Advertisers usually combine this with other targeting types to narrow down their audience and reach the most relevant people.