Social Sharing Setup

Increase your website’s content exposure

Make it easy for your viewers to share your content on all the important social media networks. By adding a social media sharing functionality to your website, you will make any of your page or post get the attention it truly deserves, increase site traffic and create more opportunities to convert.

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Social Sharing Setup

Social Sharing is Caring

Spark meaningful conversations about your brand

Online marketing success is no longer a hard feat to achieve especially with the power of social media. With over 3 billion users worldwide, you can easily spread the word about your business. Having the right buttons at the right place can massively improve your content’s social share rate and raise brand awareness.

  • Get additional exposure to new clients
  • Increase overall traffic
  • Earn natural links which is good for SEO
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Our Approach

Reach out to more people

Testing your social sharing activity is part of our site audit. We’ll consult with you to decide what pages you need the buttons and install them in the most visible place to make it easy for visitors to share your content. We’ll also look back to over 12 months to check which of your content got the most shares on social media.

  • Choose the best share plugin for your website
  • Track social shares on all channels
  • Report your most shareable content
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Social Sharing Setup Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the placement of the buttons on the page important?

    Yes and we determine which placement will best complement your website. We will also conduct a split testing to check its effectiveness and which one is getting the best direct impression. Ideal locations for social media sharing on your website are above or below the post, sidebar, header or we could also install a floating bar section for the share buttons to make sure it stays at the visible area of the page even if they scroll through it.

  • Should I display all social media buttons on all pages of my website?

    We don’t encourage it because it might hinder other important actions you want your viewers to perform especially if you are running an online store. We always prioritise sales conversions over social media promotions. But rest assured that we will carefully select pages on your site to add social media buttons to make sure that you don’t miss any opportunity for your content to get shared.

  • Which social media share buttons should I choose?

    You can choose any social media network buttons but it definitely must include Facebook and Twitter. They could garner most clicks to your shared content because of their large user bases. We also analyse the content your produce and help you choose the right network to add for your website to ensure that you get exposed to the right network of people.