Local Area Marketing has never been this easy.

Introducing OneClick.

A World-First fully automated advertising product using your Google My Business locations.

OneClick empowers businesses to drive sales and increase their online presence by leveraging existing Google My Business attributes to automate the creation of Google Ads and scale performance across all your locations in just… OneClick.

Capitalise on the 100x growth of 'Near me' searches over the last 5 years

Launch hundreds of Local Area Marketing campaigns in seconds

OneClick dashboard

Using the OneClick solution makes it simple to promote your services to your local area, amplifying the results of what you’re currently achieving from Google My Business.

DigitalMaas’ new OneClick solution turbo-charges local results for your organisation.

  • Choose Your Goal

    Choose Your Goal

    Decide how you want to attract new customers.

  • Connect Your Locations

    Connect Your Locations

    Power-up OneClick with the products and services you provide to customers.

  • Capture New Local Customers

    Capture New Local Customers

    Entice customers with promotions that make them want to do business with you.

Andrew Thorn

"For the first time ever, national marketing teams and local businesses are able to scale and automate the creation of Local Area Marketing campaigns simply and easily using the OneClick solution. With the unprecedented rise of 'Near me' searches over the last five years, there has become an incredible opportunity for national brands to attract local customers. And I'm proud to officially announce the launch of this product to our customers."

Andrew Thorn
Founder & CEO, DigitalMaas

Perfect for Multi-Location Businesses

OneClick is designed to create ads for all kinds of businesses, especially national brands with multiple locations. We’ve made it even easier for you to stay on top of your customer’s minds.

Perfect for Multi-Location Businesses

Fully automated ad creation

What would take hours now only takes seconds. Simply add your website, create a template and launch the campaign. It’s that simple!

Fully automated ad creation

Webinars and Training

Our OneClick launch team is available for private workshops for your organisation to demonstrate how to best leverage the strengths of the OneClick solution.

Webinars and Training

One Platform. OneClick.

We are going to help you reach your customers in Google Search and Maps. It’s time to shine and rise to the top.

Appear on top

Appear on top

OneClick puts you right on top of search results – the place where you really should be.

Track location performance

Track location performance

Get an overview and a detailed look at your goals and budget and see where your campaigns are bringing your business.

Leverage our expertise

Leverage our expertise

Our Customer Success Specialists know just how to provide you with the best advice to get your campaign going.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is OneClick?

    OneClick is a Local Area Marketing (LAM) product that automates the campaign creation process from the information you have in Google My Business for each of your locations. It uses a brand-approved templating system to make it easy for your to launch local area marketing campaigns in one click.

  • How does OneClick work?

    OneClick uses the latest AI and Machine Learning advertising technology to optimise your campaigns to drive results for each one of your locations. It uses local-specific campaigns to drive local customers into your business.

  • Who is OneClick for?

    OneClick is perfect for anyone who wants to run Local Area Marketing (LAM) campaigns at scale for any of their locations. Use brand-approved templates to give control to the franchisee or location owner to be able to run campaigns on their own. Alternatively, OneClick can also be used by National Marketing teams to deploy them across all locations from HQ.

  • What are the requirements for running OneClick? How do I get started?

    All you need is an optimised Google My Business listing. Sign up to the DigitalMaas Platform, import your live listing, create your ads, and you're done!

  • Can I run OneClick in any country?

    Yes, OneClick can run in any country where you have an online or physical presence. Please note that there are countries where Google is restricted.

  • Where will my ads show up?

    Your ads will show up on Google My Business profiles, the 3-Pack, Google Maps, YouTube and Google Display Network.

  • How do I create a template?

    You create a template by filling out the following details: Goals, Budget and Keywords. Next, write your headlines and descriptions. Finalise your template by clicking Send for Approval. Go back to your template overview and click Promote on the template you want to use.

  • How many campaigns can I set up for OneClick?

    You can create unlimited templates. Your locations can choose to promote unlimited campaigns.

  • What happens if I overspend or underspend?

    With OneClick, you can only spend the amount you have allocated in your promotion template.

  • Who will bill me?

    DigitalMaas will bill all spend for OneClick.


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