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Quality Content Audit

Quality Content for SEO Ranking

Content is king, but only when it’s relevant and serves the needs of the people searching for it. Having quality content can keep people on your site which can lead to conversions, and good content is more likely to get shared which will bring you more traffic and get you more backlinks that are good for SEO.

These days, the expectation is to have engaging content – think images, videos and other interactive media – but also to have a substantial amount of words on the page. At the moment, research suggestions that the optimal amount of copy to have on your pages is around 1,200 words, with the minimum being 300 words. This can be difficult to achieve, but the good news is that you don’t need to have all you pages this full of rich content, but you do need a few that will attract new visitors and improve your site SEO.

Our site audit tool will analyse your site for pages that contain long form rich content. If you’re a bit light on content, we’ll determine where you need to create more content, and make recommendations about topics you might consider creating content for that will appeal to your desired audience.

When you generate substantial content that is engaging, the results will be that search engines determine your site to be an authoritative destination that answers search queries for people using the search engine, and that will improve your search engine ranking.

If you’re not sure how to audit your content, test your website using our audit tool to find out how you are doing. You’ll also learn where else you can optimise your site.

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