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5 Reasons Why You’re Missing Google Reviews

Myta Santiago 3 mins read
5 Reasons Why You’re Missing Google Reviews

Have you ever observed missing Google reviews on your Business Profile? If you have and you’re wondering how that happened, read through our blog to learn more.

Google Reviews are one of the most important sections in your Business Profile as it improves brand awareness and customer trust. You can encourage your customers to write their thoughts and feedback after a purchase, and they’ll appreciate a response after doing so. But what if your reviews go missing?

1. Is your Profile information updated?

Inactive Business Profiles might not be able to see reviews if they do not have updated information. In fact, if you don’t post updates, reply to reviews or answer questions, Google might un-verify your Profile if it’s been inactive for the last six months. So to keep seeing reviews on your Profile, it’s important that you push out more content on a weekly basis at the very least.

The same can be said for inaccurate information on your Profile. Got the wrong address or phone number? Log into the DigitalMaas Platform and make some quick changes.

2. Did you recently move to a new location?

You can move to a new location and update your Google Business Profile, but there are some cases when a review might go missing. This happens when a business is really connected to a specific place, so Google won’t automatically update the review section. If you notice any missing Google reviews, you can always submit a report and explain what happened.

NOTE: You might need to re-verify your Profile in case this happens. Read our guide on what happens when you change your Profile information.

3. Did your missing Google reviews get flagged?

It’s possible that reviews go missing because of the following reasons:

  • Spammy
  • There’s a URL or a phone number on the review
  • There’s a duplicate in other platforms (social media, your website)
  • Contains explicit and offensive content
  • It’s a blatantly fake review

Google, ultimately, has the power (and authority) to delete any review that does not feel and look authentic. You can read our guide on how to ask for Google reviews.

4. Did the customer remove their review?

There will be instances when a customer will remove their review from your Profile. They might have changed their mind about your business or they might just update their review with a new one. This is something you definitely cannot control.

5. Is your Business Profile a duplicate?

Have you checked Google Maps if you have duplicate Profiles? Sometimes, if the customer can’t find your listing, they might create one accidentally so they can leave a review. But then they did find your owned listing and copy-pasted the review there. You saw it, you liked it, but after a few days, it’s gone. What could have happened?

Google might remove any duplicate review – including the one found on your owned Business Profile – except for the original one. So do make sure to keep an eye out on any duplicate listings from time to time and report them as duplicates. Be sure to consistently optimise your Business Profile so that it can rank higher in search results so that customers can spot it faster.

Can you get your missing Google reviews back?

Valid question, and one that we’ve been asked a few times. Unfortunately, when Google removes a review, it’s unlikely that you’ll get it reinstated. What you can do, however, is to keep asking customers to visit your Business Profile and write more reviews.


Monitor missing Google reviews on the DigitalMaas Platform

Encountering missing Google reviews can be a bit of a challenge especially when you do not have control over it. While there are many reasons why Google will delete reviews, or if they do disappear suddenly, it’s important that you continue asking customers for feedback to track. Got more than one listing and can’t keep track? Sign up to the DigitalMaas Platform today to monitor reviews and reply to them, all in one dashboard. Our sophisticated line of features will ensure that you not only reach high on search results on Google Maps and other platforms but also keep your listings updated all throughout. Get started today!

Myta Santiago

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