DigitalMaas and Bing Ads Partnership

DigitalMaas Partners Up with Bing Ads

DigitalMaas continues to uphold its ethos of providing the best possible business solutions to its clients to flourish through digital marketing. That is why we are proud to announce our new partnership with Bing Ads serving as a trusted advisor to their expanding customer base and bringing more advertising opportunities that you can explore.

About Our Partnership with Bing Ads

The Bing Partner Program is a loyalty program available for agencies, channels and technology partners who invest in their advertising platform. The program distinguishes partners with a profound understanding of online advertising, most specifically search ads. This partnership fosters a collaborative culture to support chosen partners that have met various criteria and help them ensure that their business goals are achieved.

“We are delighted to see DigitalMaas join and grow through the Bing Partner Program over the past 12 months,”  said Paul Korber, AUNZ Partner Development Director of Microsoft. We really look forward to building our strong collaborative partnership, helping drive increased performance with their customers, and achieve even greater success with their Bing campaigns going forward.”

Unparalleled Access

This Bing Ads partnership comes with extended benefits that include access to Bing and Microsoft’s technology and many Application Programming Interface’s (API’s) that help create engaging and smarter experiences to its users. This partnership will also enable us to supercharge our advertising abilities in the network’s paid search platform with exclusive training, technical and marketing resources. Our partnership with Bing Ads will also help us nurture our digital business leveraging unique and valuable insight data and strategic recommendations.

Why Advertise on Bing?

While Google remains to have a higher market share in Australia, Bing Ads is seeing strong growth and is a great addition to your paid advertising efforts that you should take full advantage of. Oftentimes Bing ads customers realise cheaper clicks and leads, and Bing also has a somewhat unique and affluent audience. A genuinely worthwhile investment that all Small to Medium-sized Businesses should be considering right now.

As Bing continues to make strides in paid search ads, DigitalMaas is also committed to keep up with the latest trends and provide our clients with options best suited for your business needs and deliver realistic and actionable ideas. If you are looking to get more out of your PPC campaigns and experience a different boost to your paid ads, DigitalMaas can build a cost-effective campaign for you that incorporates Bing Ads! Contact us today for a free consultation.