Google Increases Character Limit for Call-Only Ads

Chester Tam 2 mins read
Google Increases Character Limit for Call-Only Ads

Phone calls remain the most widely used means to reach a business, especially now that mobile searches continue to increase. Many consumers today are on the go, making fill-out forms and live chat less ideal options.

That is why Google came up with call-only ads to give users a faster and easier way to connect with your business. These ads only appear on devices that can make a call. Since most mobile users want to contact businesses ASAP, capitalising on this feature can give you high-quality leads and big sales.

The search engine giant recently announced an update for call-only ads. Read on to learn how it will affect your Google Ad campaign management:

The Changes

Call-only ads will be able to accommodate more text. Rather than a single 25-character headline, you will have the option to use two 30-character headlines. Furthermore, descriptions will expand from 80 to 90 characters.

Another change is that the name of the business will move to the description line. This way, you’ll have more room for the headlines.

“We noticed it was tough to fit both your business name and a compelling call to action in the headline, so we moved business name to the beginning of the ad description, “ said Mike Russo, Google Ad’s Product Manager. “This leaves more space in the headline for your call to action or business details.”

What It Means for You

This Google ad update will allow you to convey your message in a more precise and transparent way about your business and its offerings. This, in turn, protects users from deceptive or harmful content.

As expected, testing may be crucial. If you have a recognisable brand name, you will need to look at how this will affect your Google Ad campaign. Make the most of the additional text to impart the benefits of your product or service and encourage users to get in touch with your business. You may try to apply your enhanced text ads strategies that you feel might work in call-only ads or you may need to modify them to fit this particular format.

This change will go live over the coming weeks. If you’ve been using call-only ads for some time, be sure to fine-tune your approach.

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