Introducing the New Google Search Console

Andrew Thorn 2 mins read
Introducing the New Google Search Console

Among the poorly understood tools, Google Search Console tops the list. Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, this valuable platform gives website owners a clearer picture of their online presence. While it has nearly all the necessary tools and reports needed to help you measure and optimise site performance, many website owners still find it complicated to use.

Google continues to make significant changes so users can better focus on fine-tuning their websites. This year, along with the constant algorithm updates and rebranding of their products like AdWords, they revamped Search Console as well.

After over a year of testing, Google Search Console is finally out of beta. Apart from the slick, neat interface, what other notable additions should you check out? Here’s a closer look.

Search Performance Report


The Search Performance report exhibits pretty much the same features as the old Search Analytics report, but what makes it more powerful is that you can now access data up to 16 months and use multiple results filters with ease. This way, you can create year-over-year comparisons, as well as evaluate long-term growth, trends, and seasonal changes. On top of that, it boasts a cleaner and simpler look.

Manual Actions Section


The Manual Actions report got a new look at the new Search Console. Here, you can check your pending manual actions and file a reconsideration request if necessary. You can access it on the Overview page along with the security issue alerts.

Live Testing in URL Inspection Tool

Back then, the URL inspection tool only tests URLs based on the last time Google indexed them. Now, it can also run tests based on what the search engine detects on your URL in real time. This makes it easier for debugging and verifying whether a reported issue still exists in a page. Once you fix the problem on the live version of the page, you can submit the URL for indexing to Google.

Index Coverage Report


Google fuses the key features of the old Index Status and Crawl Errors reports to create the Index Coverage section. It gives you an accurate view of how well Google is indexing your site by showing the changes and improvements over a particular time frame. It provides more detail on the types of issues encountered, so you can click through and analyse the affected URLs.

What It Means for SEO

Monitoring website performance has never been easier with the new Google Search Console. Thanks to the new features, the platform will provide more transparency into Google’s indexing so website owners can remedy issues quickly. Apart from the fix validation, the constant improvements on the search performance data help ensure that you’re on the right track.

Furthermore, you can streamline the process of communicating website errors within your team. In just one click, you can provide fast feedback and focus on what’s important, saving time and effort.

Although the new console has graduated from beta, not all features from the old version have been migrated. Nevertheless, Google will continue working on transferring more tools and rolling out new capabilities for better user experience.

Need help with Google Search Console setup or want to learn more about its excellent capabilities? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be ready to assist you. You may also sign up into our digital marketing platform for free to find out how you can further optimise your site.

Andrew Thorn

Founder and CEO of DigitalMaas


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