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Tips on How to Make Your Instagram Business Profile a Success

Bon Serrano 3 mins read
Tips on How to Make Your Instagram Business Profile a Success

When Instagram was released back in 2010, I thought it was just an app for hipsters to share photos of the things they ironically like during the 90’s. And just like any other hipster trend, it instantly became a hit! Not only because it is too cool for our own good but also because of its straightforward photo sharing feature which we as humans being visual creatures can easily cling to. When Facebook finally sink their teeth into it and bought Instagram for $1 Billion back in 2012, they made into a money-making machine by expanding advertising opportunities for large-scale and local businesses, making them realise Instagram’s potential to grow their brands and help them churn major profits.

But if you are just starting to use Instagram for business and haven’t mastered it yet, here are some tips we think would make it a successful online marketing tool to build your brand.

Promoting Your Product

Instagram is a visual channel and how you showcase your product here is crucial to the success of your profile. Posts that are too promotional don’t always captivate the audience on this platform. Your images should have a personality and an element that they can instantly relate to. It is also important to create a visual strategy for how you can provide solutions to the needs of your targeted audience. This will not only get the attention of the people you want to capture but also understand the service or product you are offering.

Instagram for Business Profile - Sydney Venues & Catering

Don’t Forget The Hashtags

Much like Twitter, Instagram relies heavily on hashtags and I see most social media business profiles fail to take advantage of this powerful feature. If you are not aware of its magic, hashtags increase your post visibility, help you connect with your audience and encourage conversation. To make your post get more reach and engagement, use hashtags that are relevant to your business and to the featured photo. Create your own branded hashtag so people could help you build more awareness of your brand.  Also, if you are targeting an SEO keyword, make sure you use them not only in your caption but also as a hashtag. That way, you would see other businesses using that keyword and snoop into their profiles.

Instagram Business Profile - Aria Restaurant

IG Stories & Live

Instagram provides other ways on how you can expand your portfolio other than the usual posts you share on your feed. IG Stories and Live videos can diversify your marketing strategy and let your audience know how active and established you are. These new features on Instagram also add more personal feel to your profile as normal posts can be tad staged and too promotional sometimes. As mentioned above, Instagram users prefer if your posts have more personality. This is also a great idea if you want to connect more with your audience. For example, you can hold a Q and A session via IG Live or treat followers with a tour of your facility.

Instagram Stories - WeWork

Show Them Where You’re At!

Geo-tagging is an important component of your post especially if you run a local business or have multiple locations. This will not only allow potential clients to find your physical store but also increase your reach and even engage with your customers who have recently visited you. Interacting with clients can help you build trust and make them come back. The use of geo-tagging doesn’t limit in your regular profile posts, you can also use it on your Instagram Stories through digital location stickers or city hashtags which give your featured story more visibility.

Invest in Instagram Ads

With 700 million users worldwide (and still growing!),  businesses are leveraging the advertising power of this social media platform. Using Facebook Ad Manager infrastructure, ads on Instagram can help you further expand your visibility and target the preferred audience you want to reach. It also has a tool that provides your users an option to click on the different call to actions which isn’t made available for normal posts.

Running a successful advertising campaign isn’t that hard to achieve but it does require a little bit of research especially if you want to show your product to the right people. Understanding your potential customers demographics and interest is a pivotal factor in your campaign because it will determine the images, texts and the entire experience you want your audience to gain from it.

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