Keyword Research

Understanding keyword research & mapping

Keyword research is all about identifying the search terms that your customers enter into search engines. Making sure your website has keywords that are related to what your customers are searching is vital for any growing business.

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Keyword Research

Map the Road to Success

Make keywords work for you

When you know what keywords you should be ranking for, it’s easy to create quality content and optimise paid ad campaigns, so prospective customers can find you online.

  • Drive more qualified traffic to your website
  • Break into new spheres and gain more leads
  • Establish a strong online presence

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Our Approach

Craft the foundation of a successful campaign

At DigitalMaas, we know the best way to do keyword mapping and research so you can create meaningful content. You’ll learn if your keywords are represented enough on your site and get suggestions on how to attract more traffic.

  • Use our recommendations to rank better on search results
  • Improve the efficiency of your marketing strategies
  • Be on the same wavelength as your customers

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Keyword Research & Mapping Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does keyword research matter?

    Until you determine the right strategy, producing content with the wrong phrases can waste valuable time and revenue. But if you know what keywords you should be ranking for, you can avoid this mistake and maximise the impact of your marketing efforts. You can use them to create quality content so prospective customers can find your website online. Additionally, you can utilise them to optimise your paid ad campaigns, allowing you to expand your reach and brand presence.

  • How often should you do keyword research?

    Keywords are the building blocks of your website, that’s why they need periodic assessment and maintenance. This is especially important when you’re updating your website content, publishing a blog post, or promoting a product or service. Since the search language changes all the time, you can discover new keywords that you can make the most of.

  • What are the different types of keywords?

    There are various types of keywords you can use depending on the nature of your business, but here are the most commonly used:

    Product Keywords
    These represents the products you sell. It’s important to be specific when researching for these terms to reach your target audience.

    Market-Defining Keywords
    These are the phrases that talk about your business or industry. While they are generic and difficult to rank, these are crucial when building up your content.

    Geo-targeted Keywords
    These are the terms used for local rankings. They drive your traffic up by helping you connect with nearby prospects, groups, and even sponsors.