Reviews and Ratings Audit

Maintain positive reviews and high ratings

One of the best things for your brand is to have positive online business reviews and ratings that future customers can see and engage with. These act as social proof that what you are selling is meeting the needs of others, and will therefore meet new customers’ needs too.

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Reviews and Ratings Audit

Build a Shining Reputation

Better reviews mean more business

Search engines trust your customers more than they trust you, that’s why online reviews are one of the top ranking factors in local search. If you leverage your reviews for SEO, Google will likely reward you with better visibility, making your business an easy choice.

  • Differentiate your business and make your products become popular
  • See how you’re meeting the expectations of your customers
  • Entice click-through rates with 5-star ratings
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Our Approach

Let your ratings do the talking

DigitalMaas will scour the internet for customer ratings and reviews and ratings linked to your business and assess their quality. This way, you can repurpose positive testimonials across platforms to spark interest in your product and act quickly when negative feedback appears.

  • Respond well to what your customers are saying about your business
  • Monitor reviews in Google My Business and other customer review sites
  • Get suggestions on how to acquire new ratings and reviews
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Reviews and Ratings Audit Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do reviews and ratings contribute to SEO?

    Customer ratings and reviews are a great form of user-generated content because they provide a stream of relevant and fresh content, keywords, and backlinks. This is why search engines take them into account when ranking your website for any search query.

    Fill the gaps in your website
    It’s not always possible or beneficial to produce a lot of content for your website. Fortunately, customer reviews can do the work for you. Search engines use them to see if your site is active and helpful to your customers, so they can crawl it and make it more visible to shoppers.

    Increase long-tail keyword traffic
    Customers also tend to describe your product or service when leaving a review, allowing you to see how they are putting their ideas into words. From there, you can identify what long-tail keywords matter the most to your audience, so you can refine your SEO strategy and brand messaging.

    More stars mean more conversions
    Studies show that 90% of consumers check for local reviews before visiting a business. If they see that you have high star ratings in the search results, you’re more likely to earn their trust.

  • Do negative reviews affect SEO?

    Negative reviews are inevitable at some point, even if you’re consistent at delivering excellent customer service. A mistake can happen at any moment, after all. Bad ratings can impair your organic traffic, but not if you overturn the situation.

    In fact, receiving positive reviews all the time isn’t always ideal. First, it’s unnatural, because you’ll always encounter customers expecting more than what you offer. Second, it makes your business suspicious. If people only see perfect ratings, they usually wonder if the feedback is genuine or fake.

    Negative reviews help build trust in your brand when you make amends to win back the customer. If done right, you can reduce their impact on your SEO. To get the best out of the situation, be ready to respond, learn from complaints, and continue to improve your customer experience.

  • What are the do’s and don’ts for managing online ratings and reviews?

    Depending on the nature of your business, it may take some trial and error to manage your online reviews. Your creativity and perseverance will play a big role to make customer feedback work for your company. Here are some of the basic do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind:


    • Be as honest and transparent as possible about the cause of the problem
    • Keep your response short but sincere
    • Apologise for your customer’s bad experience and accept full responsibility
    • Express your commitment to address the issue and offer a solution


    • Pay anyone for reviews
    • Focus on a single platform
    • Overlook the guidelines of different review platforms
    • Ruin your reputation with unprofessional responses to bad ratings