Video SEO

An easy way to reach your customers

Businesses have already taken advantage of the digital marketing benefits of a video content and so should you! Video search engine optimisation has proven to be a game changer and is now considered as a vital component of any SEO campaign.

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Better Engagement

Easy to consume and has a straightforward way of delivering your message, helping you build an instant connection.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

Establishes trust and can add value to your brand, making it easy for you to convert your prospects into customers.

Generate Social Signals

Creating and optimising a highly shareable video content can help your brand spread awareness through social media.

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Get The Best Search Results

Rank higher than your competition

Google’s algorithms prioritise websites with video content. It can also raise your chances of getting a high search engine results for your target keywords. A traction that is normally hard to achieve with just a static content.

  • Build high-quality backlink
  • Can help reduce your bounce rate
  • Drives traffic and reach a wide market

Our Approach

Optimise for more video views and engagement

Our digital marketing platform will not only help you optimise your web pages with embedded videos but also your video channels to maximise the exposure of your videos. We will also help you find more opportunities to present your videos on other pages and platforms where your viewers will likely convert.

  • Optimise your video channel
  • Embed and build the right links
  • Publish to other social platforms

Video Search Engine Optimisation Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it important to optimize your videos on YouTube?
  • Is there an ideal video length for video SEO?
  • Should I always transcribe my videos?