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Is Pinterest Still Relevant As a Social Media Platform?

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Is Pinterest Still Relevant As a Social Media Platform?

From style tips to home decor, Pinterest is home to fresh ideas waiting to come to life. It’s a scrapbooking site that gave us the ability to craft your dream boards and share them with others.

With 90% of weekly active pinners using the site to choose what to buy, it’s not hard to see why Pinterest can give businesses plenty of opportunities to build their brand, drive website traffic, and generate sales. Despite it being a powerful tool, however, it’s considered the most underrated platform. Unlike Facebook and Instagram where you post a status so friends and followers can see it and leave a comment, Pinterest is more self-serving.

Although Pinterest is a lesser used channel compared to others, it’s still highly relevant to many industries. Here’s why making Pinterest social media accounts for businesses matters:

Pinterest as an advertising tool

Although nearly all marketers mainly use Google ads for their paid ad campaigns, Pinterest is still a considered an indispensable tool at their arsenal. This social media platform has more than 200 million active pinners worldwide, making it an effective advertising tool for many businesses that capitalise on visual appeal and customer value.

Pinterest Search Ads lets a brand to utilise keywords so when a user searches for a product, their items will appear immediately. Unlike Google Ads, they are sprinkled throughout the feed, blending with organic pins. They also look and feel natural, which is why they don’t distract pinners that much.

Seizing the buying journey

Unlike other platforms, Pinterest serves as a haven for consumers who want inspirations, typically weeks or months out from a particular life event. These people can be in the planning phase (e.g. looking for recipes), while others are in the consideration stage (e.g. weighing the pros and cons of concrete flooring). You can easily reach them in their moment of need with quality, relevant content.

Since Pinterest is a visual discovery tool, it clearly works for the lifestyle and fashion sector. Though it’s more common in B2C brands, it’s proven to be effective to B2B as well, depending on your marketing goals.

Instead of having to struggle through the cluttered feed usually seen in other platforms, Pinterest gives you the freedom to create and share content that is valuable to your audience. Most of the pinners are more engaged and receptive, which is why your ads are more likely to resonate with them. This is something you can’t do in other social media sites.

Non-branded searches

According to Amy Vener, Pinterest’s retail virtual strategy lead, 97% of searches are non-branded, and these searches translate into ideas. No other platforms can match Pinterest’s capability to create demand since the feed it curates is visual and personal.

This is great news for small businesses looking to attract leads and generate brand awareness because their audience is already interested in what they are offering. Pinners already have a clear picture of what they want to show up in their feed and how to organise their boards. If your Pinterest business page regularly promotes quality content, people may find it useful and save them to their boards. Not only this may entice them to buy from your business, but this also gives you earned media as their Pinterest followers will see your ad.

While Pinterest advertising is not discussed as often as its other counterparts, it still proves to be relevant to many businesses. It continues to roll out updates to improve their ad performance and campaign tracking.

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