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Manage your public facts and experiences across all platforms in one central dashboard, eliminating the complexity of signing-up to different accounts.

Broaden Your Reach

Each site or directory that you can appear on has its own audience that you can tap into. The more citations you have, the more people will find your business.

Build Stronger Relationships

Keeping your customers on the loop with updates about your business and freshest offerings can build brand loyalty and promote positive impact for your business.

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DigitalMaas Local Citations

Win at Local Search Results

Keep prospects coming to your website

Local citations usually include a link to your site. Ideally, you want them posted on some well-established and well-indexed sites as these listings will increase the degree of certainty for crawlers, confirming that your business is legitimate.

  • The more citations you have, the higher you rank in search results
  • Establish social proof that you are an authentic business
  • Create authority and dominate the local market

Our Approach

Let us boost your local SEO

DigitalMaas has partnered up with the leading Digital Knowledge Management platform to ensure your listings are accurate across all intelligent services in the digital universe. We choose the right category for your business and leverage your location to put you on 33 local search directories, helping you get discovered easily and improve your search rankings.

  • Niche or general or both? We’ll get the right blend for you
  • We’ll ensure your citations only appear where they will benefit your business
  • We balance quality and quantity to make local citations effective

Local Citations Frequently Asked Questions

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