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As a Bing Places Trusted Partner, we’re at the forefront of digital advancement. This partnership is not just a badge of honour; it’s a testament to our commitment to helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape. We’re not just enhancing technology; we’re driven by the prospect of unlocking new opportunities in local area marketing.

Better Together

Bing Places Trusted Partner

Connecting Customers in Meaningful Ways

The partnership between DigitalMaas and Bing offers businesses a unique opportunity to optimize their online presence. Bing's extensive network, combined with DigitalMaas' robust platform, allows businesses to reach new users, engage them effectively, and generate more leads. The integration is seamless, freeing businesses to focus on creating exceptional products and services. Bing's advanced technology, coupled with DigitalMaas' 'everything connected' ethos, empowers businesses to stand out in the digital landscape. Additionally, Bing's partnerships with various companies provide integrated user ratings and photos into local search results, enhancing online visibility and customer engagement. Lastly, the partnership ensures scalability, allowing your online marketing efforts to grow as your business expands. Together, DigitalMaas and Bing are redefining local marketing, driving business growth through digital excellence.

Connecting Customers in Meaningful Ways

Right Info, Right Time with Bing Places and DigitalMaas

Bing Places for Business is a service that allows businesses to add their listings to Bing, enhancing online visibility and customer discovery. When integrated with the DigitalMaas platform, it offers a range of features and benefits:

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    Claim Your Listing

    With Bing Places, you can claim an existing listing or add a new one. If your business operates across multiple locations, you can manage all of them simultaneously using the DigitalMaas platform’s bulk upload tool.

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    Optimize Your Listing Profile

    Bing Places lets you to add business profile information, like photos, operating hours, services and contact details. DigitalMaas enhances this feature with smarter tools that amplifies your visibility in search.

  • Verify Your Listing

    Verify Your Listing

    Protect your listing from unauthorized changes by verifying it. Verification is done via a PIN sent to your business address, phone, or email. DigitalMaas makes this easier, ensuring your information is always safe.

  • Expand Your Reach

    Expand Your Reach

    Listing your business on Bing Places, coupled with powerful tools on the DigitalMaas platform, can significantly broaden your reach, attracting new customers who search online using Bing Search and Maps.

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    Manage Multiple Locations

    For businesses with multiple locations using Bing Places for Business via the DigitalMaas platform, you enjoy enhanced control and convenience of a centralized platform for managing your online presence.

  • Optimize Your Online Presence

    Optimize Your Online Presence

    With the integration of Bing Places and DigitalMaas, you can effectively optimize your online presence to boost your visibility across your entire listing footprint, gain new leads and drive growth for your business.

Andrew Thorn

"Bing's commitment to innovation, user experience, and privacy align brilliantly with our 'everything connected' ethos at DigitalMaas. Together, we're transforming local marketing for businesses and our customers."

Andrew Thorn
Founder & CEO


Intelligent Technology that Boosts Visibility.

Partnering with Bing through the DigitalMaas platform offers businesses a unique opportunity to supercharge their online presence. Here’s how:

Reach and Engagement

DigitalMaas provides businesses with access to Bing’s extensive network, enabling them to reach new users and keep them engaged. By leveraging this reach through DigitalMaas, businesses can drive more traffic, generate new leads, and enhance their local marketing efforts.

Advanced Technology

DigitalMaas enables businesses to harness Bing’s cutting-edge technology to take their products, services, and apps to the next level. With DigitalMaas’ ‘everything connected’ ethos, businesses can truly optimize their online presence in the digital landscape.

Intelligent Technology that Boosts Visibility.


Better Connected to Local Opportunities.

Unique Opportunities

Powerful Tools included with the DigitalMaas platform offer businesses like yours unique opportunities to stand out from your competition. By accessing these opportunities via our Bing Places Trusted Partnership, you’ll get access to advanced services and benefits dedicated to shaping your competitive edge in the market.

Partnership Benefits

DigitalMaas helps businesses like yours to leverage Bing’s partnerships with various companies, including Yelp and Amazon. By connecting Bing Places to your DigitalMaas platform, your business can integrate user ratings, photos, and more into local search results, further enhancing your online visibility and customer engagement.

Better Connected to Local Opportunities.


Onward and Upward!

Looking ahead, the DigitalMaas and Bing partnership is set to continue driving innovation in the future of local marketing. This alliance is not just about offering businesses a comprehensive solution to optimize their online presence and reach more customers. It's about fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, where new ideas are born, and cutting-edge solutions are developed to drive business growth.

Our shared love for local marketing fuels our commitment to empower businesses, whether small local shops or large corporations, to connect with local customers in meaningful new ways. We envision a future where every business, regardless of its size or industry, can leverage the power of local area marketing to create unique customer experiences, build strong local connections, and drive sustainable growth.

Onward and Upward!

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