You can now easily manage your Facebook business listing data from one centralised workspace with DigitalMaas’ Facebook integration. This makes it easy to keep your Facebook business listing up-to-date, and to ensure that your information is consistent across all platforms.

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Unlock Facebook Online Presence with DigitalMaas

Facebook serves as an influential tool for businesses seeking to enhance their brand presence online. Boasting an impressive user base of over 2.9 billion active individuals, Facebook provides businesses like yours an exceptional avenue to engage with customers and expand your reach to a vast audience. However, efficiently managing a Facebook business listing can prove to be a demanding and time-consuming task. This is where DigitalMaas makes the job of managing online presence much quicker and easier.

Why integrate with Facebook?

DigitalMaas’ Facebook integration makes it easy for you to manage your Facebook business listing data from one centralized workspace. This saves your business time and ensures that your information is always up-to-date. In addition, DigitalMaas’ Facebook integration offers a number of other benefits that can help businesses grow better online brands, including:

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    Save time

    Reduces the need for manual updates to your Facebook business listing. Simply make the changes in DigitalMaas, and those changes will be pushed to Facebook automatically.

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    Ensure accuracy

    You can be sure that your Facebook business listing is always up-to-date. This is because the changes are made in a single location, and updated to Facebook simultaneously.

  • Improved customer engagement

    Improved customer engagement

    You can use Facebook to interact with customers, answer questions, and provide support, making your online customer experience for more rewarding.

  • Increased visibility

    Increased visibility

    Your business listing will be more visible to Facebook users, generating interest and higher levels of engagement, which can lead to more traffic to your website or store.

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    Simplify management

    Manage your Facebook business listing in conjunction with your Google Business Profile listings. This makes it easy to keep track of all of your online presence channels.

  • Enhanced marketing opportunities

    Enhanced marketing opportunities

    You can use Facebook to run ads, promote your products or services, and reach a wider audience knowing your primary business listing information is accurate and concise.

Andrew Thorn

"Our Facebook integration is a powerful tool that helps you extend your reach to close on 3 billion users. We're excited about this integration and believe it adds critical value to growing your business online."

Andrew Thorn
Founder & CEO


Smarter Facebook Profile Management.

DigitalMaas’ Local Presence Tool automatically syncs and updates the following business profile information in Facebook Business:

  • Business NAP details: Business name, address, contact phone, email
  • Business website: Link to your business’s website
  • Product & Services: Details about the products and services your business offers
  • Catalog: This includes the product title, description, price, and other details


Smarter Facebook Profile Management.


Better Connected for The Love of Local.

DigitalMaas is committed to providing you with the latest tools and services to help you succeed online. We are constantly working to improve our integration with Facebook, and we are excited to see how this partnership will evolve in the future. We believe that our combined expertise will help you reach more customers, grow your business, and build stronger relationships with your community.

Better Connected for The Love of Local.

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