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3 Businesses That Need Google My Business in 2021 – Part 2

Nikki Bautista 3 mins read
3 Businesses That Need Google My Business in 2021 – Part 2

If you already have a contact page with your business’ phone number and address, it may seem redundant to also create a Google My Business listing. However, a GMB listing not only puts your information online, it also allows you to manage how your business appears and ranks on search results.

Go and read Part I if you don’t see your business type here.

While all businesses will definitely benefit from signing up to Google My Business, this is a necessity for some such as:

Google My Business small business

1) Small and Medium Businesses

A Google My Business listing helps your business build credibility, and as a small business owner, this is important. You want your customers to feel confident about making a purchase from your business. Nowadays, consumers place their trust in Google searches and online reviews, so if your business shows up on local search results, they are more likely to see it as reputable.

Creating a Google My Business listing also allows customers to easily leave reviews for your business. A well-reviewed business not only ranks higher on Google’s search results, it’s also more appealing to potential clients. In fact, a local consumer survey revealed that at least 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. By consistently providing quality service and collecting positive reviews, you can gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

google my business expanding business

2) Expanding Businesses

Setting up a Google My Business listing is a must for businesses that want to reach a wider audience. While traditional marketing techniques can still bring new clients to your business, most customers rely on their mobile devices and the internet so it’s important to have mobile-ready content to remain competitive. 

A Google My Business listing presents all the important information about your business in an easy-to-read format, making it ideal for mobile devices. Potential customers will be able to see photos, videos and reviews about your business easily without having to go directly to your website. Since website loading screens can sometimes take a long time, the customer may abandon the page before it loads. Prevent missed opportunities like this by creating and actively managing a Google My Business page.

google my business multiple locations

3) Local Businesses

Google has a feature that recruits users as local guides and rewards them for rating and reviewing local businesses. Receiving high-quality and positive reviews from your clients will help boost your visibility and increase the chances of other potential customers visiting your establishment.

When customers search for local businesses on Google Maps, it will identify the different companies in the area with a red market. Every business that meets the search criteria, such as a restaurant or a mechanic, will be featured on the map. A Google My Business listing gives your business the edge it needs against its competition.  This is because when potential customers click on your listing, they will already be provided with all the information they need about your business rather than having to visit your website to learn the necessary information.

Since local business websites are highly targeted, it’s challenging to maintain their numbers all year. A Google My Business listing can help boost traffic to your website, even during low seasons. This can translate to more visits to your location and more calls about your services.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of a Google My Business listing! Make sure your business has a detailed and up-to-date listing with our Platform. You can update your information and GMB posts easily, respond to reviews and upload other relevant content to your business. Set up your listing today and see the benefits instantly.

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