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A Quick Guide on Google Business Profiles for Hotels

Myta Santiago 4 mins read
A Quick Guide on Google Business Profiles for Hotels

We’ll say it: Google Business Profiles for hotels can help you boom in 2022 and beyond, despite the ongoing pandemic.

The hospitality industry was one of those that had been badly hit by COVID-19 back in 2020. According to an article by HotelTechReport, hotel occupancy rates fell to 38% in 2020 due to the virus. Furthermore, McKinsey stated in their report that, while travel will (and has) returned, “the recovery will likely take longer than other industries, and will vary across segments.”

With the advent of “revenge” travel, or the need to get out and see the world after being on lockdown for a long time, it’s important for businesses, especially hotels, to have a Google Business Profile that speaks to conscious travellers who want to stay safe and healthy.

Benefits of Google Business Profiles for hotels

While there are several (or so many) booking sites that have your information, there’s nothing like having your own online listing. With a Google Business Profile, you can enjoy some of these known benefits:

1. Seen right on the Hotel Pack

hotel pack 2022 Google business profiles for hotels

With so many hotels located in one city, all offering different rates and amenities, it can be hard to get the attention of travellers looking for what you’re offering. With a Google Business Profile, hotels can set it up and add all the information they want to be seen and use the right keywords to appear higher on search results.

Now, when someone searches for “hotel + city,” they will see a Hotel pack with prices, exact locations of each hotel, and a short list of amenities that might get their attention. Additionally, users can select from budget options, luxury stays, and perks like deals or free cancellation. They simply choose the dates they’ll be staying along with the number of guests, and they can get a tailored list of hotels based on their needs and requirements.

What’s the secret of all these hotels? It’s no secret: they have an updated and complete Google Business Profile.

2. More quality conversions

Check availability google business profiles for hotels

Did you know that with a Google Business Profile, travellers can immediately reserve a room at your hotel? When the “Check availability” business link is visible on your Profile, people can click that and see various booking sites as well as your own website. Whether they choose to book directly on your website or via an Online Travel Agent (OTA), you know that your Business Profile was the starting point.

3. Maintain accurate information

Google Business Profiles for hotels complete information

As you’ll see in the next section below, Google Business Profiles for hotels can look a little different. But what do all these Profiles have in common? It’s a complete Profile with a NAP, reviews, posts, and a description of who they are and what they offer to make their guests’ stay comfortable. Being able to control and maintain the information on your Profile ensures high trust from your clientele.

What sets Google Business Profiles for hotels apart from others?

Hilton Sydney Google Business Profiles for Hotels

At first glance, Google Business Profiles for hotels look similar to any other Profile on the search engine. But there are key differences.

1. Price comparison section

The “Compare prices” block covers the midsection of hotel Business Profiles and displays a drop-down calendar of when you’ll be staying at that specific hotel along with the number of guests per booking. After changing the TO and FROM dates and the number of guests, the booking options below will change.

Compare prices google business profiles for hotels

The booking sites’ ads automatically adjust their prices depending on the information you put in. These are separate from the hotel’s Business Profile availability link (Read: Intro to Google My Business Local Business Links), which shows the hotel website aside from other booking websites.

Hotel website vs third party website google business profiles for hotels

2. Amenities

Google business Profile for hotels amenities list

In regular Business Profiles, the attributes – or amenities – are characteristics that set a business apart from its competitors (Read:  The Ultimate Guide to Google Business Profile Attributes). These aren’t prominent on regular listings, but with hotel Business Profiles, they’re visible just under the preview of the business description. Click on “View more amenities” and you’ll see more details about the hotel, including its sustainability practices.

3. Sustainability practices

sustainability practices google business profiles for hotels

Part of the list of additional details are sustainability practices that the hotel highlights for those who are more eco-conscious. Hotel management can list their ISO certifications, conservation programs, recycling practices and other activities that put a more positive impact on the environment. This isn’t seen in other Business Profiles, and this may be seen as promoting a facet of a hotel’s business model compared to other types of accommodation in the hospitality industry.

Optimising your information, especially amenities and sustainability practices, while replying to reviews, publishing Google Posts and answering questions can boost your hotel Business Profile to the top of search results.

Optimise your Google Business Profile with the DigitalMaas Platform

Whether you’re a family-owned bed and breakfast or a global hospitality brand, know that the DigitalMaas Platform can meet your needs and help you meet your soon-to-be guests right where they’re searching for you. Our state-of-the-art local marketing software, coupled with local marketing experts taking care of your Profiles, gives your hotel more visibility not only on Google, but also on Bing Maps, Apple Maps and Facebook. Sign up for an account today to get started!


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