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4 Ways to Make your Google My Business Listing Clickable

Nikki Bautista 3 mins read
4 Ways to Make your Google My Business Listing Clickable

Optimising your Google My Business listing can help it rank up and become more visible to potential clients. However, ranking number one does not immediately mean more clicks. Optimising your losing to make it more enticing and engaging to consumers will help you get leads in the form of website clicks and phone calls. 

Utilising the Q&A Feature

One common mistake that businesses make is not utilising the Q&A feature of their listing. This is a great way to engage customers and encourage them to visit your website for more information. While customers can post questions and answer them by themselves, you can also upload common questions that you get from clients and write great answers that advertise the business. You should also regularly respond to questions posted by clients to avoid inaccurate information.

Having Complete Information on Your Listing

A complete Google My Business listing not only helps you rank higher on search results but it also increases the actions that customers can take when interacting with your profile, which can help drive traffic to your website. Aside from providing the general information, take the time to complete the products and services and category and attributes section of the listing.

Uploading Quality Images

Anyone can upload photos to your business profile, which means the top images that potential clients may see are blurry, out of focus and not the most flattering. By adding your own quality photos, you can ensure that your profile is presented well and always looks its best. Uploading photos also tells Google that your profile is active and up-to-date, which can help improve your ranking.

According to Google, customers are 35% more likely to proceed towards the website and 42% more likely to request driving directions if a Business Profile has photos. Just be sure to upload valuable photos rather than stock photos.No one wants to see the same recycled photos over and over on different sites. Show images of your staff working, the signage outside your store and photos of your product as these will reflect positively on your business. 

A study also shows that Business Listings with over 100 photos get up to 2,717% more driving direction requests, 1,065% more website clicks and 520% more calls than average businesses.

Getting Good Reviews

Good reviews can speak volumes for your business. After all, a four star-rated business is much more attractive to customers compared with a listing with one or two stars. Reviews have the most influence over consumer buying and are a key factor in Google’s ranking algorithm so it’s important to have good reviews on your listing. 

Another research shows that at least 85% of customers trusted online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 57% only trusted businesses with at least four stars. This means that getting reviews, both positive and negative, and responding to them can have a major impact on your ranking success. It also shows customers that you value their feedback and are dedicated to continuously improving your service. 

According to this research, millennials trust online reviews more and are more likely to write reviews compared with older customers. One way to encourage them to leave feedback is by adding links on your website. You can also collect email addresses during service and send them a message after a few days asking to review their experience.

When it comes to Google rankings, providing as much quality information as possible is important, and the same goes for your Google My Business strategy. Potential customers have to know what they can expect from your business before they even set foot in the store. Our Platform allows you to control and manage every aspect of your Google My Business listing, making it easier for you to keep track of your online presence and make the necessary changes.

DigitalMaas will help you complete your Google My Business listing, from NAP down to Q&A. Use our Platform to ensure that all your business information is accurate and up-to-date. Sign up for an account today and our team will prepare your business for success.

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