Make Your Best PPC Ad Copy With These Tips

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Make Your Best PPC Ad Copy With These Tips

A splendid ad copy is paramount in any Pay-Per-Click campaign. Especially as the competition gets tougher and, more businesses are contending to get the prime search engine marketing spot for a search result. Think of your ad copy as a book title – what your potential customers see on the cover will determine if they will pick it up, purchase it and read to their hearts’ desire.

And because the success of your campaign is our true happiness, we have come up with some amazing tips that we hope could guide you in writing a good ad copy for your next online marketing ad.

Customer perception is everything

How your ad copy will be perceived is one of the major concerns of every advertiser – top that with how your offering can be beneficial to the scrutinizing eyes and mind of your audience. Putting yourself in your potential customer’s mindset and understanding their buying behaviours will guide you in composing the perfect ad copy for your PPC campaign.

Research is fundamental in every PPC campaign and making sure you include customer trends and buying intent then analyse and transform it into a copy that will easily captivate them.

Know your ad’s objective

Knowing your campaign’s objective is one of the first steps in writing a good ad copy. A distinct outline of your advertising objective and what you want to achieve then aligning it with the ones you have for you with your business will help you emphasise what you want to get across and in getting a clear response from the audience you are targetting.

Your objectives may be: 

  • Local brand awareness
  • Selling a product or service
  • Website traffic

Provide a solution to your target audience’s problems

Surely, you offer an amazing product or service but what type of value proposition does it offer? Is it going to meet your customers’ needs or satisfy their preferences? People often visit the internet to search for answers to their problems. When you proactively offer an end-solution to someone and help them with the issues they are trying to figure out, your chances of getting clicked are going to be high against the sea of ads competing for the same keywords.

Trigger their emotions through your ad copy

Reactions are what mainly drive users to click on an ad and you want to connect with them as fast as possible. Discovering that right spot of triggering your audience’s emotions and diving into their emotional impulses to get the consequential reaction you need can vastly improve your click-through-rates. You can use positive and negative triggers to elicit an emotional response from your target audience. It could be anything from inspiration, pleasure, excitement to fear, guilt and anxiety.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is one emotional trigger that surprisingly drives more sales. When you inject fear of being left out to someone it creates anxiety and apprehension that persuade them to take immediate action. One effective way to implement this is to use expiry time or date or countdown timers on your landing page.

Localise your headline

If you are a local business, it makes sense to include the location you are serving in every opportunity that you get especially if you are promoting through ads. Remember that you are competing with other businesses in the same industry and vying for the same attention of users in a targeted area. Emphasising the location in your ad copy will get more responses from the people within the geographical location your ads serve and have the ability to convert more.

Get straight to the point

Your Search Engine Marketing ad copy isn’t just about being cleverly written, it also has to be clear, concise and directly expressing your objective whether you want your users to purchase or simply want to check out your website. You can also boost the power of your ads and its performance by making sure that you have maximised the character restrictions provided by search engines and not wasting the allotted character limit.

Your ad copy must only include the necessary bits and should always directly answer to what the users are searching for. Think of a way how you can stand out from the rest in such a limited space and how they can differentiate you from your competitors instantly. Too much text might inundate your customers and skip your ads entirely. Keeping your ad copy simple will boost CTR and the quality score of your campaigns.

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