Fuel Your Marketing Efforts With Buyer Intent

Andrew Thorn 2 mins read
Fuel Your Marketing Efforts With Buyer Intent

Ditch the traditional marketing funnel – it’s outdated. Customers are no longer taking a linear path when making purchase decisions because they carry different needs. Rely on your demographics alone and you risk missing potential customers and hurting your ROI.

Today’s marketing funnel is dynamic because prospects are entering it at different stages with different intentions. Here’s why you should consider buyer intent when planning your SEO and display advertising campaigns:

Go beyond your demographics with intent marketing

While demographics will always be an integral part of marketing, there is a better way for you to categorise your audience and position your brand – buyer intent. This means putting the needs of your prospects first.

Your customers are much more complex than just their age, gender, and interests. Each one of them has their own distinct set of behaviours and motivations. Their intentions vary, that’s why it’s essential to approach them uniquely.

Seize the micro-moment

When your customer has a want or need, they turn to the internet for help. They look for product reviews, last-minute deals, or how-to videos before heading in-store to make a purchase. These intent-filled moments called “micro-moments” are the best opportunity to reach them at the time they’re searching for something.

Once you’ve identified the intent of your customer, be sure you’re there to assist them in every step of their buying journey. Be useful – engage with relevant content. There are many ways to do so.

You can present local inventory information for your products in your Google ads, regularly post blogs and videos that your prospects might find helpful, or include an “instant buy” button to simplify the check out process. Always make I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, and I-want-to-buy moments seamless for your audience and you’re sure to reap the benefits of consumer intent marketing.

Automation is key

To fully win your customer’s hearts and minds, you need to act fast. You must provide them with a smooth-sailing experience across devices, especially on mobile.

You should also take advantage of Google machine learning to further help you understand your audience and foresee their intent. In Google Ads, for instance, it predicts which items your prospective buyers are looking for and optimises where your ads appear.

Don’t limit yourself. Reach prospects in moments of need. Leverage intent in every touchpoint and you’re sure to close more sales and earn high ROI.

DigitalMaas puts a premium on  intent driven marketing when it comes to SEO and PPC. We tailor strategies that address the needs of your customers for every micro-moments. Our digital marketing platform also arms you with data and insights needed to unlock your campaign’s full potential. Sign up today to get your free site audit.

Andrew Thorn

Founder and CEO of DigitalMaas


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