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Holiday Marketing Strategy: Taking Advantage of The Profitable Season

Andrew Thorn 4 mins read
Holiday Marketing Strategy: Taking Advantage of The Profitable Season

The last quarter of the year is already upon us but is your business ready for this?

Business owners directly associate the 4th quarter as the most profitable season where consumers wildly spend their hard-earned money. Yes, we are referring to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and even stretches through the first few weeks of January. Entering the final quarter of the year with zero plans of getting a piece of the consumer purse isn’t a smart holiday marketing strategy. Imagine the enormous opportunities you will be missing including the chance to increase your sales just because you did not plan ahead of time.

It’s not too late to create a holiday marketing strategy!

Thankfully, digital marketing has made it relatively easy for businesses to take advantage of the Q4 shopping surge. We have listed below the top online marketing strategies on how you can increase your sales performance, surpass your revenue goals and make this last quarter of 2018 be the merriest of all!

Google Ads

Investing in Google Ads should be a top priority on your 4th quarter digital marketing strategy list as it can massively catapult your presence. Especially with the current rebranding of their core advertising platform that promises to deliver a better experience and the addition of new features like the shoppable images and videos showcase ads that are intended to attract new customers.

Google Ads is an accessible and cost-effective advertising platform that you could utilise to increase brand awareness and product/service exposure this holiday season. It does not require much effort and time like SEO, but it can bring value to your business instantly especially if you are eyeing huge Q4 gains.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The value of social media goes beyond its intended purpose of basic networking. Major channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, created business platform versions of their websites and apps to start catering to businesses and their social needs. These platforms have become essential advertising tools that provide profitable solutions to marketers looking to connect to more consumers.

You can see some key features on these channels that you could utilise to improve your social media marketing strategy this holiday season below:

Facebook Shop

If you are in the business of selling products, then creating a shop section on your Facebook business page is an ideal feature you should consider using. Facebook Shop allows you to showcase the products you sell and an option for consumers to buy directly from your profile or redirect them to your website.

Tag Products on Instagram

Another excellent way to display your products on social media is through tagging products on Instagram. This business feature on the world’s beloved photo-sharing app enables potential customers to explore the products your feature on Instagram and provides a deeply engaging experience for users.

Although this is only available to approved businesses in certain countries and requires a properly set-up Facebook catalogue that has all the products you want to promote across all advertising network.

Facebook Advertising

Serving ads on the most widely used social media not only sound right but also a must especially if you want to take advantage of this season’s high purchasing power. Facebook’s advertising platform is the most targeted form of advertising out there and one that could help you reach the right audience to purchase your holiday offerings. Facebook advertising effectively drive leads to your website and generate more sales for your business.

Holiday Website Tweaks

Your website serves as your primary online catalogue and the promotions you have this holiday should always reflect on your site especially if you run an e-commerce business. Adding a holiday vibe on your theme and highlighting new offers and discounted items can easily engage your users and procure them to purchase. Here are some changes you can start implementing to improve the holiday theme of your website:

A Holiday-Themed Content

Content is what directs users to your site from search engines and having a well-curated content that your visitors can access easily is one of your website’s major conversion factors. Creating a holiday dedicated content that features the items on sale can drive-up your engagement rate thus increasing the chances of a purchase conversion.


A countdown timer is a proven holiday marketing strategy that creates a sense of urgency for your customers to push them in deciding to purchase. Whether you intend to show inventory levels of your products or show a timer on when the sale will end, this tactic can make website visitors feel that they can’t miss out on something significant and push them in making an immediate decision to purchase.

Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing, nothing comes close to a personal approach, and that’s what email marketing brings best to your holiday campaign. Sending emails will help your frequent and potential shoppers know about your promos and show what products are on sale. This strategy will help your items stand out, increase brand awareness and deliver a high ROI for your business this holiday season.

Email marketing is also easy to implement and since you are already reaching an engaged audience, meeting your goal conversion won’t be too hard to accomplish. You can customise your messages based on their purchasing behaviour, so the odds of your email marketing recipients converting is going to be higher.

Do you need help leveraging on the most profitable season of the year? DigitalMaas can create innovative digital marketing strategies for your business that could skyrocket your sales in a matter of weeks. Click the button below and get started today with a free site audit.

Andrew Thorn

Founder and CEO of DigitalMaas


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